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Mount Wells Tin Mine

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Creator: Foelsche, Paul

Object Source: B 46808

Date of creation : 1885

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Mount Wells Tin Mine

The Mount Wells tin mine was discovered in late 1881 and was worked by Chinese labourers. From August 1882 it was managed by David Daniels who had gained experience in the Queensland tin mining industry. The following year 27 tons of tin ore was shipped. This led to speculation and the pegging of adjacent claims. It would be several years before more efficient methods of extraction were installed.

In 1885 a complete ore-dressing plant was installed and from 1887 the quantities of tin ore extracted began to rise again, to levels similar to those of the first year. By 1889, 89 tons were being extracted and in 1905 new plant was installed. Mount Wells was now the leading tin mine in the Territory with 133 tons of concentrates recovered in one year alone. Mining was continued successfully during World War I but subsequently a sharp fall in the price of tin forced the mine into liquidation and it closed in 1929.

Maranboy, another tin mining district east of Katherine, was similarly affected by the falling tin prices.


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