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Coo-ee! South Australia: Become a digital volunteer

Cooee South Australia - Become a digital volunteerCalling all South Australians!

The State Library of South Australia needs your help to make our digital collections more accessible and more meaningful so that everyone can use and share them. You can help us by becoming a digital volunteer.

What does a digital volunteer do?

We need your help to:

You decide what you'd like to work on, when and for how long. We will be grateful for any time you can spare to help us.

How do I become a volunteer?

What you decide to work on, will depend on what you will need to sign up for. If you'd like to:

  • help with correcting text within newspaper transcriptions, you will need to Sign Up to Trove
  • identify an unidentified soldier on our Flickr group, you will need to Sign Up to Flickr
  • find photos of South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau soldiers there is no need to sign up, but you will need to provide a name and email address when you upload a photograph to our website. The name, but not the email address, will be visible on the site once the submission has been approved
  • find links to soldier casualty details pages on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, you will need to be confident in searching that site.

ABC Radio Interview with Centenary of ANZAC Project Manager, Andrew Piper 22 April 2014


Volunteering opportunities

Newspapers transcribed on TroveTrove Logo

Trove is the National Library's online newspaper catalogue. Australian State and Territory libraries digitise newspapers and make them accessible on Trove. Learn more about the Australian newspaper digitisation program.

Digitised newspapers are transcribed electronically, however this process isn't always accurate due to the quality of the original newspapers or small text size. Correcting the text of the newspaper helps the public retrieve better search results.

Want to know how to get started with Trove text correction? View this Newspaper text correction in Trove video on YouTube.

Correct enough text and you could feature in the Text Correction Hall of Fame!

Within Trove there are a number of South Australian newspapers and articles which require their transcription text to be reviewed and updated. The following list has been created which links to transcriptions requiring a review:

Themed articles

About the collection: We've created defined searches for certain types of South Australian newspaper articles with the themes listed below.

What needs correcting: The following groups of themed articles need to be reviewed and updated within Trove; the articles about World War One AIF units comprised wholly or in part of South Australians could also be tagged with the unit name:

Unidentified World War 1 SoldiersUnidentified World War 1 soldiers

The State Library has uploaded over 500 First World War portraits to the Flickr group South Australians of World War 1, taken from our Chamberlain collection and our Ron Blum collection. These have been combined with a series of photographic portraits of South Australian soldiers, sailors and nurses supplied by State Records of South Australia. In some cases very little detail is known about the soldiers featured, a one word name written on a photo chit or sometimes not even that.

Flickr is an online photo gallery which allows users to create albums of photos or photostreams. It's a free online collection source which many Australian Libraries use as a way of sharing collections and information. As with any online tool, it is recommended you determine your own privacy settings and what you wish to share or not share with the online community.

Identifying our soldiers

Are you able to identify any of our unidentified soldiers in the photographs or add more detail, such as service details, biographical information or stories of interest?

Visit our Library Guide for more information about how to add your photos to our collection.

South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau soldiersCleveland_FH_GRG26/5/4/346

From 1916 until 1919, the South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau performed the service of undertaking research into over 8,000 enquiries from family and friends of missing Australian Imperial Force personnel fighting in World War 1.

Documentation produced and received in the process of making these enquiries are included in the 'packets' of records that can be searched and viewed our South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau website.

Put a face to the name

We're looking for photographs of the soldiers featured in the records of the South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau.

Check out the names on our list of soldiers and search the Internet for photos of them.

When you find one, record the URL of the source of the photo on the list (so that we know who's been found) and add the image to the soldier's record on our South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau website. You can add as many photos to each record as you like.

Already completed - thanks to you!

We want to hear from you

We'd love to find out what you've discovered and have been working on! Drop us a line: