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Conflicts : The Boxer Uprising

B62397_George Jeffery In June 1900 during the Boxer Uprising in China, Britain made an appeal to the colonies for reinforcements to help break a siege of European communities. In response, the South Australian gunboat the Protector set sail from Port Adelaide in August with a contingent of 300 Australian volunteers (mainly from New South Wales and Victoria), who were to serve under British officers. However, the Australian contingent arrived in China too late to take part in any significant action. George Frederick Jeffery, who was later to become the Harbour Master at Victor Harbour, kept a diary of the voyage. Jeffery's diary entry for Monday, 31 December 1900 notes,

This morning the Admiral inspected us. He said 'The Admiralty desire us to thank you for your services in China.' And he said something about being well drilled and disciplined. And if we did not see it (active service) was not our fault. So Goodbye a Happy New Year, and a good reception when you get back.

The following day the colony of South Australia was transformed into one of six states of the new Federation, and Australia's defence became the responsibility of the Commonwealth.

Crew members from the 'Protector'
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Diary of George Jeffery on HMCS Protector
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George Frederick Jeffery
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The 'Protector', Port Adelaide
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