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Port Augusta has three football clubs: Central Augusta, West Augusta and South Augusta.

The Port Augusta Football Association was formed in 1901, and two teams were established - the Albions and the Excelsiors. Later in 1901 the two teams combined to become the Port Augusta Football Club. For the next 11 years the club played in competition with other towns in the district.

In 1912, The Port Augusta Football Association decided to establish three local teams. These teams were Central Augusta Football Club and South Augusta, and North Augusta.  North Augusta disbanded at the end of 1912, however West Augusta Football club was formed in April 1915 recreating the three team competition. These three teams have comprised the Port Augusta football scene to the present day.

In later years Quorn and Wilmington were admitted to the competition. To recognise the broader competition base the Association, in 1936, renamed itself the Great Northern Football Association.

In 1960, the Great Northern Football League was disbanded, and renamed the Spencer Gulf Football League (SGFL). The SGF league, was created from the Great Northern Football Association, the Whyalla Football League and the Port Pirie Football League. The Whyalla Football League left the SGFL in 1966, and to this day maintains a separate Whyalla Football League.

The SGFL today is still going strong and consists of six teams: Central Augusta, Pirie Lions, Port (from Port Pirie), Solomontown, South Augusta and West Augusta.

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