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Obtaining copies / copyright / publication

 Obtaining copies of material

Requests for copies of material can be made directly to Library's Document Delivery Service.

Depending on format, copies may be supplied in the form of a photocopy, a printout from microfilm, a graphic print, or a more expensive better quality photographic process if desired. Since it may not be clear from the bibliography which format will apply, it is best for enquiries to make a specific copy request to the Library, and staff will quote a price and will advise on any copyright considerations. Upon confirmation by the customer, a definite order can be placed with payment preferably by quoting a credit card, or by cheque. Invoicing is only available for organisations, businesses and government agencies within Australia.

For price lists check:

Many of the items referred to in the bibliography will be held in each of the Australian state libraries and the National Library of Australia. The majority of items refer to newspaper and periodicals, many of which will be held on microfilm, from which copies can be easily made.

Enquirers within Australia

  • You may be able to make your own copies from microfilm newspapers and periodicals held in your state/national library.
  • If your library does not hold the material you want, it can obtain copies on your behalf from another library as part of the inter-library loan and document delivery system.
  • You can contact the State Library of South Australia directly for copies, since most of the material is held in this library.

Enquirers outside Australia

  • You may contact your own library system, which can obtain copies on your behalf from the National Library of Australia as part of the international inter-library loan network.
  • You can contact the State Library of South Australia directly for copies, since most of the material is held in this library.


The majority of the items referred to in this bibliography are out of copyright under the Australian Copyright Act 1968. In particular, anything published by Catherine Helen Spence during her lifetime is out of copyright, since copyright in published items lasts for 50 years after the death of the author or its date of publication, and Spence died in 1910.

However, there may be copyright in particular editions of her monographs, which lasts for 25 years after publication.

Copyright in Spence's literary unpublished material, such as letters held in the State Library of South Australia's archival record group PRG 88, lasts in perpetuity. So the archival material referred to in this website, but which is not included in the bibliography, is still covered by copyright. However, the Library has been unable to identify the copyright owner of Spence's unpublished writings. Under these circumstances, the Library is prepared to provide a copy for the purpose of research or study to researchers.

 Publication of material

Should you wish to publish or reproduce any material in copyright (in a book or other printed format, or on the Internet, or in a public exhibition or on clothing) then you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holder. You will also need to seek permission from the Library which holds the material. Please read the information on Publication of material from State Library of South Australia collections.



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