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Text standards

Format and structure of entries

SA Memory templates are used to get a uniform 'look and feel' and to simplify inclusion of standard elements of each resource item entry, and theme pages.


As a multi-media website, SA Memory features a variety of resources. Consider selecting examples from a wide range, including photographs, art works, posters, cartoons, manuscripts such as letters, diaries, journals; maps, newspapers, artifacts; ephemera including postcards, menus, fliers, invitations, and tickets; sound recordings including oral histories, and film clips.

SA Memory resources are developed as a collection of discrete assets described in templates; each of them should be self-explanatory, and any of them may be linked together for a particular research purpose.

Contributors may wish to submit resources to add to themes already developed, or consider development of new themes.

Permission to publish must be resolved before a resource may be forwarded for publication online. This permission is stated in the 'Rights & reproduction' statement in the template.

Each resource will have an item record (using the SA Memory template) which should include:

  • Bibliographic details
  • Digitised resource
  • Location/collection where the resource is held
  • Rights & reproduction statement ie permission to publish obtained
  • Description-up to 350 words, with paragraphs to assist readability
  • Subject headings - State Library staff add thesaurus terms
  • Further reading/resources
  • Relevant website links
  • Related exhibitions and events

Resources which accompany the themes should illustrate and add information to theme text. In some cases, resources can make a point that reduces the need for extended theme text.


SA Memory theme and subtheme entries have two main components:

  • the main essay/text [used for themes, subthemes]
  • resources (such as photographs, graphics of items, sound clips, film, etc) that illustrate and add information to the topic.

Contributors can supply the main theme page text (and subthemes as required) and identify resources that can be used. In addition, 'Did you know?' entries may be identified and completed.

Theme pages

  • The average SA Memory theme page content will range up to a maximum of 1,500 words long.
  • Theme pages should be presented with separate sections of no more than 350 words and no less than 50 words each.
  • Each section or sub-theme should have a heading which is short and descriptive of the contents.
  • Dot points may be used to convey numerous points of information in a succinct way.
  • Brief quotations from personal written, audio or published accounts may illustrate or summarise issues. Quotations should be no longer than 100 words.



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