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Boolean searching is supported. You can use AND, OR, NOT(e.g. "Parking Fines" OR "Traffic Infringement", or just parking AND fines).

The search facility accepts a number of different operators which help to improve the accuracy and efficiency in the way data is found relating to the search parameters provided. The data that can be searched includes pages, content and resources. The search operators are available using the strings AND, OR and NOT. The operators must be entered in uppercase and cannot begin a search string eg:

Acceptable use of operators and expected outcomes:


Unacceptable use of operators:

* Cat AND hat OR bat - Data with Cat and either of hat or bat
* Cat AND flat NOT hat - Data containing cat and flat but not hat
* Cat OR hat OR mat - Data containing cat or hat or mat 
* NOT cat AND hat
* AND cat OR hat
* NOT hat 



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