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4X4 Generations of Early Settlers
Title : 4X4 Generations of Early Settlers 4X4 Generations of Early Settlers
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Creator : Wendy Ujkanovic
Date of creation : 1836 +
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I have just scatched the surface of my family history. My great Grandparents all four couples, James and Bridget Clarke, William and Jane Symons on my father's side and John and Eliza Benneir, James & Sarah Fullwood on my mother's side came as early settlers to South Australia some for a new start, some because of persecution some because of poverty , but they all had an intrepid spirit as shown by the way they established themselves through hard work and determination to make this their new home.

This spirit is what established our country as we know it today, and am glad no one closed the door on their attempt to make a new life. I for one am so glad they all had that determined spirit despite the many obstacles they experienced.

For example John Benneir as a child of 8 emmigrated with his parents Johann and Anna & 5 siblings in 1844 firstly aboard the "Skiold" to New Zealand, then the "Sisters" to Hobart, and then thru the kindness of residents of Hobart aboard the "Palmyra" to Port Adelaide. (Full story on page 8 Beneir to Benneir by Judith Pech) No small fete with 6 children and nothing to your name.

Eliza Arbon emmigrated , John Benneirs wife, with her family in 1849 celebrating her 2nd birthday during their voyage on the "Emily.

James Clarke came out as we understand on the "Susannah" 16/05/1849 as a lad of 13 years.

Bridget (his wife) emmigrated with her Mother Mary Doherty and two sisters Ann and Maryanne from Ireland, we are all aware of the distress they must have faced due to the famine "Tantivy" 1857. James and Bridget married 1859 at "Kapunda".

I have yet to discover the history of William and Jane Symons but did have the privilege of visiting "Yednalue" their home farm, where my Grandparents Ewin and Edith where married 1902,

with my father Norman in 1959/60 just prior to my father's death.

The Chittleboroughs came out on the "Bufflo" at the urging of Hindmarsh, "a new start in a new land", not as my mother thought with James Chit as the Captain, but as we have learnt because of the urging of a fellow captain with whom he had served in the navy.

With these four couples our families actually have a large footprint on South Australian history and a pretty good hold on parts of West Australia where my fraternal and maternal Grandparents took up farming in the early 1900's.

When you consider my mother had 7 children, has 27 grandchildren, 42 Great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren and we are just one branch .

James and Bridget had 7 children

John and Eliza Benneir had 11 children

William and Jane Symons had 5 daughters (I know of)

James and Sarah (2nd Marriage) maybe 10 with two marriges.

That gives plenty of scope for a large footprint I think you would agree.

Place : South Australia



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