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What is SA Memory?

SA Memory is a gateway to South Australian culture and heritage, past and present. This multimedia website focuses on the South Australian experience- what makes South Australia unique from other places. SA Memory illustrates and interprets themes highlighting South Australia's people, places, issues and events from the colony's beginnings to now: South Australia's 'memory'.

SA Memory helps to fulfill a key aim in the State Library of South Australia's Strategic Plan to continue preserving the memories of the state through collection, preservation and accessibility to information about cultural heritage. Partnerships with various organisations have contributed project funding and access to resources to create content for particular themes.

What can I find on SA Memory?

SA Memory showcases a wide range of published and archival materials. Most items available are about South Australia, created by South Australians, or produced in this state. Selected digitised items from the State Library and contributing partners support and encourage the study and celebration of the history and culture of South Australia.

SA Memory presents original materials including historic and recent photographs, art works, cartoons, posters, manuscripts, maps, books, newspapers, ephemera, artefacts, film clips and sound recordings. Many of these materials have previously only been accessible to visitors to collections, but are now accessible statewide and beyond.

What can I do on SA Memory?

  • explore resources of the state's past and recent times
  • read original documents and transcripts
  • view images - photographs, posters, art works, interactive maps, and more
  • listen to sound recordings, including oral histories
  • watch historic film footage

How does SA Memory work?

Users can browse themes to see a selection of items relating to a particular topic, or search SA Memory, using basic keyword or advanced search.

When viewing items, click on any thumbnail image to obtain a larger 'view' with description, subjects, 'rights and reproduction' details, further reading, and web links. Specific materials including maps and 3D objects have additional functionality to enhance examination: for example, maps and panoramas can be panned and zoomed, and 3D objects rotated or viewed at different angles.

A further enlarged image may also be accessed. Audiovisual materials such as film clips and sound recordings are accessible in some instances.

The resource 'thumbnail' and 'view' levels offer the ability to save your own selections in My SA Memory.

SA Memory has been designed to work on a standard web browser for search and display. Technical notes details information about special requirements such as plug-ins for audiovisual materials. The website enables free access to resources at any time, or location.

How are materials selected?

Materials selected for digitising meet a variety of criteria: key resources; resources which illustrate particular themes; rare materials; those in high demand by the public; and items in vulnerable condition. Secondary sources further the investigation of a topic, and transcripts assist research.

And there's more...

SA Memory is not just digitised resources: each item record includes informative description, further reading suggestions, and web links to support and encourage inquiry. Subject terms from established authority vocabularies have been applied to resource records to assist more specific searching.


  • Timeline presents an illustrated parallel history of selected South Australian, Australian and world events
  • Did you know? highlights popular interest topics: less-known and quirky details about the state and its people
  • Learning includes worksheets and activities
  • My SA Memory: save your selection of resources and return to these at any time
  • Ask us about resources in SA Memory.

Who is SA Memory for?

SA Memory seeks to reach a broad online audience throughout the state and worldwide. This website aims to stimulate interest and inquiry into South Australian history and culture, whether general, popular interest; more in-depth research; or curriculum-based study. SA Memory assists lifelong learning-different interests, education levels, or age groups, providing a substantial point of reference for anyone interested in the development of South Australia.

Conditions of use

see Rights and reproduction

Contribute to SA Memory

  • Make suggestions for 'Did you know?' entries.
  • Contact us about local knowledge and events.
  • Support SA Memory with donations, membership of the State Library Friends or Foundation, or become a volunteer at the State Library, your public or community library, or local history centres.


SA Memory encourages collaboration with partners such as public libraries, local history societies, galleries, museums, archives, government agencies, businesses and community members, to build a rich website resource and enhance the stories told.

All contributors are credited, promoting an increased awareness of partners to a wider audience through participation in the project.



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