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1874 Lewis

Edward Eyre had been the first to see Lake Eyre, but believed it to be part of Lake Torrens.  Babbage and Warburton were next in the area in 1858.  Stuart travelled to the west of it between 1859 and 1862, discovering a number of mound springs and rivers that eventually flowed into it.

In 1866 Peter Egerton Warburton was sent out to explore the north-east end of Lake Eyre. He examined it as far as latitude 27 degrees longitude 140 degrees 20' where it disappeared into the sand.  The river was later named the Warburton.

In 1874 JW Lewis was sent out to complete this work begun by Warburton. The Umbum Creek was traced down to Lake Eyre - an unbroken salt expanse. He then proceeded to the Neales River, and Koorakarinna Creek, across to Frew Creek and reached the Macumba River. This was the Warburton River discovered by Warburton eight years previously.  Lewis showed that it was not Cooper Creek as Warburton believed. Mount Hogarth was discovered, as well as some good pastoral country.  The expedition explored the Warburton upstream, and discovered Goyder Lagoon. The Gerty, Eleanor and Everard Creeks were surveyed.

For more information about this expedition see Taking it to the edge: Land: JW Lewis: Lake Eyre.

Also see Taking it to the edge: Arnhem Land.



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