South Australians at War
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About this site

The South Australians at War site went live on 29 November 2002. The site was made possible by a grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs Local Commemorative Activities Fund, and through donations to the Library's SA Memory Appeal.

The aim of the project was to give South Australian students access to a large volume of primary and secondary sources on a range of themes relating to Australia's contribution to international conflicts. The themes were determined by the requirements of Australian History and Australian Studies curriculum which can be found on the SSABSA website.

Through South Australians at war, students have access to images and extracts from published and unpublished material held in the State Library of South Australia's collections. The selection of material available on this site is a small sample of our resources. Students are encouraged to explore the Library's extensive collections by following links to our catalogue entries.

A very important aspect of this project was the commissioning of oral history interviews with veterans from the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Malayan Emergency and from peace-keeping missions, and with indigenous veterans. These interviews are accessible through this site as audio files, and are accompanied by full transcripts.


The State Library of South Australia thanks the Department of Veterans' Affairs and donors to the SA Memory Appeal, the copyright owners and donors of material who have given kind permission for reproduction of their material and to the interviewees for their extraordinary contribution and permission to use their personal photographs on the site.