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'What a set of radicals you must be...'
Letter to Richard Symonds, 12 November 1837
Foundation of the province       
Religious Freedom       
Aboriginal Rights        
1967 Referendum: Citizenship       
Union Movement       
Women's Movement       
The 1970s       
Gay Rights        
Sex Industry Law Reforms       
SA Housing Trust       

South Australia was born of the ideas of a prisoner serving three years in Newgate Gaol on a conspiracy charge relating to marriage with a 15 year old heiress at Gretna Green.

Edward Gibbon Wakefield's experience of the English penal system convinced him of the need to alleviate the social problems of over population by emigration to the colonies.

Thus began a continuing social experiment in South Australia with high ideals being proclaimed if not always achieved in practice. When taken up they have placed South Australia at the forefront of reforms such as Women's Suffrage, Aboriginal Land Rights and Equal Opportunity.

South Australia in the 21st century is a society that Wakefield could hardly have imagined, but the tradition continues.



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