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'A rich variety of wildlife (plants and animals) is found in the natural landscapes of South Australia. These range from the familiar kangaroos, wallabies, birds, eucalypts and wattles to myriads of tiny insects, grasses, mosses, lichens, mushrooms and toadstools.
Our coasts and seas are home to many other kinds of living things, including whales and other marine mammals, seabirds, fish, shellfish, algae and seagrasses.
All of these living things and the communities they live in make up the State's natural biodiversity. Many kinds still remain to be discovered and described.

Over the last 200 years many non-native plants and animals have escaped to the wild. These weeds and feral pests can be a serious threat to the natural biodiversity. For example, of the total of 4,300 kinds of plants found in the wild in South Australia today, nearly 1,200 or 30% are weeds.' From  Department for Environment and Heritage website

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