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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Baehnisch, NW. Eudunda Courier.

Bailey, Oscar (died 1937). Journalist at Broken Hill, then at Norseman, Western Australia, and in the late 1890s was a Hansard reporter at the Register. In 1901 joined the Commonwealth Hansard staff. (Critic, 17 December 1898, p. 15 b.)

Baird, R. Barossa and Light Herald.

Baker, Fiona. Member of the editorial staff at the Messenger Press 1987.

Baker, Rebecca. Digital editor for Messenger Press 2016.

Baldock, Albert. Journalist at the News (Port Adelaide office) 1927.

Baldwin, Lily (died 1922). Proprietor of the Unley Welfare.

Ball, Rob. General reporter, police reporter and ethnic affairs writer at the Advertiser. Then worked for Premier Dean Brown.

Ball, Robert Henry. Gawler Mercury.

Banbury, Frederick (1851-1893). Purchased the Anglican Church's Standard newspaper in 1879 which closed in May 1879 and Banbury was declared bankrupt. Later that year was involved with Theodore Argles in publishing the journal, Commonsense. Journalist at the Advertiser and the Licensed Victuallers' Gazette but was retrenched from both of these before 1886. Worked as a canvasser at the Norwood Free Press who he attempted to defraud by forging signatures on cheques in 1886.

Barclay, James. Owner and founder of a number of mid-north newspapers including the Crystal Brook Times in 1910, and the North Wester Star and Frome Journal at Wilmington in 1912.

Bardolph, Douglas Henry (died 1951). Editor/owner of the Unley News in which he published outspoken, critical editorials about aspects of local government and other issues affecting local residents.

Baring, Julius. Publisher of the Adelaide Aeroplane newspaper 1919.

Barkla, Frank Maxwell (Max) (1914-). Journalist. Worked at the News from 1929, then at the Port Pirie Recorder from 1933 including as sports reporter, until his enlistment in the Air Force in early 1941. Returned to the Recorder after the war, and in 1952 joined the ABC.

Barnet, John. Editor of the Gawler Bunyip 1981.

Barnett, Brian. Began work at the Port Lincoln Times in 1968 as a compositor. Editor of the Port Lincoln Times from 1988 to 1997.

Barnett, Joseph. Egotist.

Barnet, Emily Margaret Mercy (1865-1925). Part proprietor of the Gawler Bunyip following the death of her father, William Barnet, in 1895.

Barnet, Frank Lindley (1876-1941). Manager and part proprietor of the Gawler Bunyip. Son of William Barnet.

Barnet, Hannah (nee Burfield) (1843-1917). Proprietor of the Gawler Bunyip following the death of her husband Willaim Barnet in 1895.

Barnet, Kenneth L. Son of Frank Barnet.

Barnet, Robert Henry (Bob) (1868-1917). Owner of the Gawler Bunyip. Son of William Barnet. (Observer, 8 September 1917, p. 20.)

Barnet, William (1834-1895). Printer. Trained in printing in Scotland. Proprietor of the Gawler Bunyip from its inception in 1863. His descendants owned the newspaper until 2003 when it was sold to the Taylor family of the Murray Pioneer. Father of William, Robert, Emily and Frank Barnet.

Barnet, William Burfield (1861-1925). Printer at the Advertiser for 49 years. In 1895 returned to Gawler to run the Bunyip newspaper founded by his father, William Barnet.

Barrow, George Liversage (1852-1925). Surveyor and journalist. Son of JH Barrow (editor and founder of the Advertiser). Journalist and then editor at the Port Adelaide News, then established the South Australian Times. Later edited Victorian and Western Australian country newspapers. In 1908 was working in Fiji.

Barrow, John Henry (died 1874). Congregational minister, journalist, editor. Congregational Church minister, journalist, member of parliament. Worked as journalist in England before coming to Adelaide. Barrow joined the Register commercial department about 1854 as a book keeper, then employed as a journalist, and from 1856 as the main leader (editorial) writer. Wrote 'stirring leaders' during the Crimean War. Left over disagreement with the proprietors ocver his standing for Parliamentary election. Established the South Australian Advertiser and the South Australian Weekly Chronicle in 1858, and was editor until his death. A sculpture depicting Barrow was incorporated in the facade of the Advertiser building in the 1860s, and is now in the foyer of the current building. (Sowden manuscript PRG 41, pp. 147-9; Register 9 September 1874, supp. p. 2.)

Barrow, Mary. Widow of John Henry Barrow, founder of the Advertiser. After her husband's death, in partnership with Thomas King, she ran the newspaper until 1878 when her son, FB Burden took over.

Barton, Charles Hasting (died 1902). In 1859 revived the Suedaustralische Zeitung newspaper at Tanunda with his brother-in-law Friedrich Basedow, and George Eimer as printer. Following Eimer buying out the other partners and moving the newspaper to Adelaide in 1862, Barton and Basedow in 1863 founded the Tanunda Deutsche Zeitung. (In 1870 this was re-named the Australische Zeitung.) Moved to Queensland in 1867 where he continued to work as a journalist, and teach in Maryborough. Later stood for Parliament.

Basedow, MP Friedrich (1829-1902). Teacher, politician and newspaper proprietor. Probably joint founder of the revived Suedaustralische Zeitung at Tanunda in 1859 with his brother-in-law Charles Barton, and Georg Eimer as printer, until 1862. In 1863 launched the Tanunda Deutsche Zeitung in partnership with Barton. In 1870 this was re-named the Australische Deutsche Zeitung. Two editions of this newspaper were published concurrently: an eight page edition at Tanunda edited by Basedow, and a four page Melbourne edition edited by his father-in-law, Dr Carl Muecke. Edited the Suedaustralische Zeitung, owned by his father-in-law Dr Carl Muecke. With Muecke took over the Sued Australische Zeitung, and merged it with the Australische Deutsche Zeitung of George Eimer to become the Australische Zeitung, moving from Tanunda to Grenfell Street, Adelaide, with Eimer, Eggers, Muecke and Basedow as partners. Eggers sold out to Basedow and Muecke in November 1875, and Muecke had sold out by 1890. Following the deaths of Basedow and Eimer, the newspaper was run by their sons, Oscar Basedow and Charles Eimer. The newspaper closed in March 1916. (Observer, 15 March 1902, p. 32.)

Basedow, Oscar. Became editor of the Australische Zeitung after the death of his father, Friedrich Basedow.

Bathurst, Frederick H. Journalist. Began at the Register 1874. In 1885 went to the Melbourne Argus and in 1890 became their Sydney correspondent. In 1900 returned to the Melbourne Argus. Brother-in-law to William Moxon Cook of the Register. (News, 2 May 1929, p. 12.)

Bawden, Tania. Journalist. Cadet at the News and Sunday Mail, then journalist at the Advertiser from 1992 to 2013.

Bayly, Brett. Police roundsman at the Advertiser, and Canberra political correspondent 1960s, 1970s.

Baynes, Roger. Co-founder with Len Croker of the Messenger Press in 1951. Also published the Hills Gazette.

Beaton, Peter. Journalist at the Border Watch, Mount Gambier, then in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney from the 1920s.

Beckett, RH. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1930s.

Bednall, William T. Apprentice printer at the Register 1853, then at the Government Printing Office. In 1876 at the Northern Territory Times, then sub-editor at Register. Finally in charge of the Register printing office until 1910.

Beecher, Eric. Journalist and editor. Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald prior to his purchase of the Crikey online media site. In 2013 co-launched with Bruce Guthrie the news site, Indaily.

Bell, Harry Rickard (1870-1959). Journalist at the Register and later a doctor in Sydney. (Register minutes 20 December 1889.)

Benham, Agnes Mary Matilda (1850-1932). Contributor to Morning, a journal begun by her brother Paris Nesbit, from 1900. From 1897 contributed articles to the Labor newspaper, Weekly Herald. Wrote under pen name 'Garde' in both the Weekly Herald and its successor the Herald.

Benjamin, Philip. Journalist at the Register 1862 to 1874, then to Melbourne. Returned as sub-editor prior to 1883, when he accepted a position in England. (Register 10 March 1874, p. 5; Register, 12 July 1883, p. 4.)

Bennett, James Frederick. Editor of the Adelaide Chronicle, he later returned to the U.K.

Bennett, William Henry (1879-1939). Printer, editor, newspaper proprietor. Trained as a printer. Sent to Quorn in 1899 to manage the Quorn Mercury. Returned to Peterborough in 1908 and purchased the Jamestown Star from Robert Osborne, and also the Quorn Mercury and Petersburg Times. Established Booleroo Magnet in 1915, and purchased the Orroroo Enterprise. Later purchased the Adelaide-based Weekly Times. A director of the South Australian Provincial Press Association from its inception.

Bermingham, Pat. Journalist. Employed at the Border Watch, Mount Gambier, then at the Advertiser from 1945.

Berndt, Theodor Albert (died 1943.) Editor of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times in the 1920s.

Berry, Rev. Joseph. Wesleyan Methodist minister. Editor of Christian Weekly in 1899, and of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1901.

Bevan, David. Court reporter for the Advertiser, author, host of ABC 891 radio show with Matt Abraham.

Bews, David (1850-1891). Editor and part proprietor (with his wife's brothers) of the Wallaroo Times until his death in 1891. Entered Parliament 1885. (Pictorial Australian, February 1891, p. 18)

Birrell, Albert Ernest (1869-1928). Journalist at the Register. Became Register accountant on the retirement of H. Hele in 1921. Twin brother to Fred Birrell. (Register minutes 20 December 1889; Mail, 3 July 1920, p. 3; Register, 30 March 1928, p. 8.)

Birrell, Frederick William (1869-1939). Joined the Register at age 12 years as a messenger boy, trained as a compositor and later also worked for the Mail. Journalist at the Daily Herald. Entered Parliament 1921. Twin brother to Albert Birrell. (Mail, 3 July 1920, p. 3; Register, 30 March 1928, p. 8.)

Black, Elisa. Editor of The City (Messenger Press) 2016.

Black, John McConnell (1855-1951). Farmer, journalist, botanist and linguist. Reporter at the Register and Advertiser between 1883 and 1902, mostly working as a Hansard reporter. Retired 1902. (See his published diaries; PRG 346; Advertiser, 3 December 1951, p. 3.)

Black, Keith. Journalist at the News and the Register News Pictorial until 1939.

Black, Shauna (formerly Pitkin, nee Pettigrew). (1966-). Journalist. Cadet at the Murray Pioneer 1984 to 1986. Then at Bundaberg News Mail 1987, and Geelong Advertiser 1988 to 1989. Sub-editor sport, news, features; editor personal finance and superannuation writer at the Advertiser from 1989 to 2005. Managing Editor of the Kangaroo Island Islander from 2005 to 2013. Since 2013 at Black Stump Media. Co-founder of the South Australian Media Awards in 2004. (Shauna Black, 17 January 2019)

Blair, Amanda. Columnist and radio personality. Columnist in the Australian Women's Weekly, radio announcer on SAFM from 1998, and on 5AA between 2005 and 2011.

Bleechmore, Margaret. Journalist at the Border Watch from 1941.

Blom, Adam. Journalist at the Victor Harbour Times and then the Penola Pennant in 2012.

Blundell, R.P. Daily Herald.

Blunden, Peter. Editor of the Advertiser 1990 to 1991, then editor of the Herald Sun (Melbourne).

Boath, Ron J. Journalist at the Port Pirie Recorder until 1947, then at the Adelaide News. Later chief features sub-editor at the Advertiser.

Boland, E.J. (Ted). Sporting editor at the Register and then the Mail. Wrote under pen name 'Trafalgar'. Father of Ron Bland.

Boland, Ronald Raymond (Ron) (1911-2000). Journalist and editor. Copy boy at the News from 1926, becoming sports and news writer. Editor of the Sunday Mail from 1951 to 1955. 1956 becaome editor of the Perth Sunday Times. Returned to Adelaide as editor of the News from 1961 to 1968. Became managing director of the News until retirement in 1977.Continued writing stories for the Sunday Mail for some years. Son of Ted Boland.

Bollard, Arthur Ross. Editor/owner of the Unley Welfare from mid 1922.

Bond, F. Journalist at the Register in the 1870s.

Bonython, John Langdon (1848-1939). Journalist and Member of Parliament. Commenced work at the Advertiser in 1864. Became part owner in 1879, editor in 1884 and sole owner in 1893. On his retirement in 1929 he sold the newspaper to a consortium from the Melbourne Herald, headed by Keith Murdoch. (See PRG 979 and BRG 10.)

Boston, William Tims. One of the partnership which published the South Australian Times in 1881, until the partnership was dissolved in 1883.

Bottrill, Frederick Ernest Stephens (1886-1960). Wrote as 'Philo' in the Kadina and Wallaroo Times from 1932 until 1956, a weekly column of local chatter, obituaries and history a little like the Advertiser's 'Out Among the People by Vox' column.

Bottrill, David H. Postal clerk and journalist. Bottrill began an immensely popular children's 'mailbag' column, titled the Sunbeam Society in the Observer in July 1894. The column also ran in the Evening Journal. It ran until 1909. One of his assistants was Winifred Scott, who years later, in the 1920s, revived the Sunbeam Society in the Register, where it evolved into the 'Sunbeams' children's comic page, featuring Ginger Meggs. The title was later used for the Sunday Mail children's pages.

Boucher, Bernard Cyril (1934-). Journalist and writer. Moved to Australia from England in 1965. Chief of staff for the Advertiser 1968-1973. From 1978 became a full-time writer.

Bowe, Chris. Journalist at the Advertiser 1984 to 1987. From 1985 to 1987 Production Editor of their first coloured magazine supplement. Returned to Advertiser 1994 to 2004 as Chief Features Sub-editor and Deputy Features Editor. In 2004 at Adelaide Review as Sub-editor and planning and architecture writer. 2005 to Independent Weekly as Production Editor. From 2005 to 2006 editor/publisher of Place.

Boyle, Kevin. Editor of the Port Lincoln Times from 1980 to 1983.

Braunack, Dorothy. Briefly jint proprietor with Jeff Sutton of the Plains Producer from 1975.

Braund, R.C. Eyre's Peninsula Tribune.

Bray, W. Michael. Journalist and editor. Worked at newspapers in the USA from age 10 as 'printers' devil' then in South Africa and in England. Became editor and manager of Quiz 1901. He was also publisher (and apparently writer) of the Review of the City of Port Adelaide. (Information from historian Brian Samuels 2018)

Brazel, Molly. Women's editor at the Advertiser 1960s to 1970s.

Brennan Ben. Journalist at the Murray Valley Standard from 2008.

Brenton, Margaret. Journalist at the News in its final years.

Brice, Chris (died 2012). Journalist. Began work at the Advertiser as cadet journalist in 1966. General reporter at the Advertiser, London correspondent, police roundsman, feature writer, and in charge of letters to the editor. Retired 2007, but continued to compile the "Way we Were" column for some time.

Brickhill, George. Editor of the Port Pirie Recorder from 1919.

Bridgeman, Jack. Journalist at the Register from the 1890s.

Briggs, William Henry (died 1937). Journalist. Trained as a printer, then joined the Register literary staff c. 1880s. Worked as reporter, cable-writer and sub-editor. Adelaide correspondent for the Port Pirie Recorder. When the Register amalgamated with the Advertiser he continued to work for the latter title, up until his death. (Advertiser 15 February 1937, p. 12.)

Brinkworth, Jenny. Journalist. Worked for the Loxton News in 1983, then the Victor Harbor Times from 1984 to 1985, and the Advertiser for two stints between 1986 and 1991. Casual reporter for the Australian 1992-1993. Editor of the Southern Cross since 2009. (Jenny Brinkworth 2018)

Bristow, Leonard Alfred (1850-1899). Journalist. In the 1880s worked in book keeping department, then as a canvasser and from 1892 was music journalist at the Register. Later in Perth. (Register minutes 30 August 1889; Register, 6 June 1899, p. 5.)

Britten, Florence Eleanor. Press artist. Studied art in England between 1907 to 1912. Fashion sketches published in the Daily Graphic 1908, and other British publications. Returned to Adelaide 1912 and did fashion sketches for the Mail. Married Horace Mumme 1914.

Brittle, John. Foreign news editor at the Advertiser, and sub-editor.

Broadway, T.W. Hamley Bridge Express.

Brockie, Chris. Journalist. Began his career based in Port Augusta as a news stringer for the ABC, Advertiser and Macquarie National News (5DN), then joined the ABC at Port Pirie (5CK), before moving to Whyalla as the North/West Bureau Chief for the Advertiser. Then worked as senior journalist and de facto PR Director for the Northern Territory Tourist Commission, was seconded to the Northern Territory Chief Minister's Department to assist with media liaison for the Papal Visit in 2011. Moved to Canberra to work as a staffer and freelancer including Press Secretary to Senator Austin Lewis, Ministerial Speech writer within the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Assistant Editor with Australian Fisheries, Canberra bureau chief for Rural Press, and contributed freelance work to Australian Geographic, Weekend Australian, True Blue, and Hoofs and Horns. Became Chief of Staff for the Border Watch, and currently works in South Korea as a freelance writer and journalist, having initially been features writer and copy editor at the Korea Times in Seoul.

Brokenshire, Amie. Editor of the Yorke Peninsula Country Times in 2012.

Brokenshire, H. Journalist at the News, then at the Sydney Sun, and in 1930 went to work for the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong.

Brook, James (1840-1872). Lawyer, partner to Samuel Way. Leader writer for the Telegraph, editor of the South Australian Law Reports.

Brown, JD. Editor of the Mail in the Second World War period.

Brown, John (died 1879). Emigration agent. Brown was a contributor to the Southern Australian and in 1848 ran the Adelaide Times in partnership with James Allen and William Barlow Gilbert. (Advertiser, 6 September 1879, p. 15.)

Brown, Owen. Journalist. Reporter at the News and Advertiser in the 1980s. Then Sydney correspondent for the Herald and Weekly Times Group. Joined Australian Associated Press in the 1990s as subeditor based in Sydney, followed by work with the Canberra Press Gallery. Became AAP China correspondent, based in Beijing. China Bureau chief and acting Australia and New Zealand Bureau chief for Dow Jones Newswires until 2007. (Owen Brown 2018)

Brown, Stephen Stevenson. Journalist at the News prior to 1941. Married fellow journalist Tulla Keating.

Browne, D.K. Wrote description of a trip to Milang, Goolwa and Victor Harbour, for the Illustrated Adelaide News, April 1876, and possibly wrote more widely for the press.

Browning, Denby. Journalist at the Advertiser from the 1960s.

Brownrigg, Blake. Journalist. Began working at the Launceston Examiner in 1920, then at the Melbourne Herald. At the News from 1933 to 1967. (News, 28 June 1967, p. 9.)

Buckingham, William James. Editor of the War Cry, 1883.

Buckley, Noble Sidney Douglas (Captain 'Nobby') (d. 1981). Pioneer aviator. Wrote articles for the Advertiser and Sunday Mail.

Bullock, Frank. Editor of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1907.

Bullock, L. Editor of the Edwardstown Community News in 1954.

Bruer, Jeffrey. Final owner of the Lantern. Artist and cartoonist at Quilp.

Bruer, Mark. Journalist at the Advertiser. Canberra Bureau Chief of Staff. Features editor at the Age. General manager of content at News interactive.

Bruer, Paul. Chief-of-staff and then night editor at the Advertiser.

Burden, Frederick Britten (1839-1897). Stepson to J.H. Barrow, the original owner/editor of the Advertiser. Apparently worked as a journalist at at the newspaper, and took control of the newspaper in partnership with John Langdon Bonython in 1879. Partnership dissolved in 1893 when Bonython became sole owner, and Burden returned to England where he died.

Burden, Rosa Constance (1910-). Journalist at the Mail before her marriage to Frank Moore in 1936.

Burgan, T. Journalist at the Advertiser from 1875.

Burgess, Henry Thomas (1839-1923). Wesleyan minister, author of the Cyclopedia of South Australia and many other works. Editor of the Methodist newspaper, Australian Christian Commonwealth for some years, and prolific newspaper contributor, including leader (editorial) writing at the Register and the Advertiser. (Register, 20 November 1923, p. 9; Chronicle, 24 November 1923, p. 53.)

Burgess, Melanie. Journalist with The City (Messenger Press) 2016.

Burgoyne, Geoffrey Lauderdale. Journalist. At Weekly Herald and Daily Herald 1906 to 1912.

Burgoyne, Thomas (1827-1920). Builder, surveyor, editor, Member of Parliament. First editor of the Port Augusta Dispatch, which he established in partnership with William Westover. (Chronicle, 27 March 1920, p. 31.)

Burns, Robert William (1859-1951). Journalist, editor. Joined the Register in 1884 as a journalist, worked as parliamentary and Supreme Court reporter. Leader of the official reporting staff for the Federal Convention in 1897. Register sub-editor from 1891. Associate editor and chief leader writer from 1910. Editor 1922 to 1928, then joined the Advertiser when it amalgamated with the Register under Keith Murdoch. (Register minutes 30 June 1890; Advertiser 4 September 1951, p. 3.)

Butler, Harold Gordon (Harry) (1897-1974). Journalist, editor, newspaper proprietor. First worked as a journalist in the Port Adelaide office of the Daily Herald. Following war service in the Australian Navy during World War I he was located in the Daily Herald's Adelaide office. He then joined the News until becoming editor of the Port Lincoln Times in 1931. Returned to Adelaide following World War II. From 1952 he was editor and proprietor of a string of free newspapers: Courier (Unley), Northern Suburbs Weekly (Prospect), Seaport News Review (Port Adelaide) and Port Adelaide District Pictorial.He retired from newspaper work in 1961, while continuing to run a printing office at Queenstown.

Buttrose, Charles. Journalist at the Mail in the 1930s.



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