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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Lade, Rev Frank. Editor of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1921.

Lademan, Emil. Shopkeeper at Kadina. Wrote a column in the Kadina and Wallaroo Times in the 1930s.

Lahey, John. Journalist at the Border Watch (Mount Gambier) from 1946 to 1948, then at the Advocate at Burnie, Tasmania.

Lake, George Hingston. Solicitor's clerk, journalist, member of parliament. Ran the Agriculturist and Review from 1881 to 1899. Editor until 1890 when he entered parliament.

Lake, Rev Octavius. Bible Christian minister. Editor of the Bible Christian until 1876, and of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1914.

Lambert, Rev. HJ. Joint editor of the Baptist journal, Truth and Progress with the Rev. JL Parsons.

Lambie, WJ (died 1900). Melbourne-based Boer War correspondent, he was senior war correspondent for the Advertiser and travelled to South Africa with the first South Australian contingent. Killed in the course of his work. AG Hales was working with him at the time of Lambie's death. (Examiner (Hobart), 15 February 1900, p. 5; Western Mail, 17 February 1900, p. 18.)

Lamshed, Max. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1930s.

Lands, PS. Editor of Direct Action.

Langler, Alfred (1865-1928). Journalist. Member of the editorial staff of the Register from 1890 to 1895, then joined the West Australian as a leader writer. (Australian Dictionary of Biography, vol. 9.)

Langsford, Rev W. Alfred. Editor of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1915.

Laube, Anthony. Librarian. Contributed various historical articles and letters to the Victor Harbour Times in the 1980s and 1990s.

Laube, Michael. Football writer for the Border Chronicle since 2010.

Laurie, Andrew Frederick (Fred) (died 1920). Apprentice with his brother, Park Laurie, at the Portand Guardian, Victoria. With his mother, Janet Laurie, established the Border Watch in 1861. (Border Watch, 26 April 1941, p. 1.)

Laurie, Clarence Hector (Clarrie) (1874-1958). Editor of the Border Watch from 1941 to 1955. Son of Andrew Laurie.

Laurie, Janet (died 1903). Founder and first editor of the Mount Gambier Border Watch. Mother of Andrew and James Laurie, widow of the Rev Alexander Laurie. Later married farmer Joshua Black and returned to Portland. (Border Watch, 29 July 1903, p. 2.)

Laurie, James Park Dawson (Park) (1846-1928). Journalist, politician, stock and commission agent. Apprentice with his brother Andrew at the Portland Guardian, Victoria. Joined his brother at the Border Watch a short time after it was founded by their mother, Janet Laurie in 1861. Entered Parliament 1870-1875.

Law, Ross (died 1916). Journalist. Son of OP Law of the Ballarat Courier. Apprenticed to his father at the Hobart Labor newspaper, the Daily Post. Journalist at the Daily Herald from about 1910, until his enlistment during the First World War. Rose from junior, to senior and assistant sub-editor. (Daily Herald, 14 September 1916, p. 4).

Lawes, Bruce D. Journalist at the Gawler Bunyip until 1947.

Lawson, William Ramage (d. 1921). Arrived in Adelaide 1864 as secretary to George Fife Angas. Became leader (editorial) writer on British political topics at the Register from 1864, employed full time as journalist there from 1865. In 1870 sent to England as war correspondent during the Franco-Prussian War, where he remained. Author of several books about the financial systems of South America, Canada, etc, he became editor of the Edinburgh Courant. (Register, 19 January 1922, p. 6; Register, 7 October 1920, p. 7.)

Laycock, Charles. Contributed work to the Lantern and Adelaide Punch in 1882. (The Personal Adventures of George E. Loyau, L. Henn, 1883, p. 82.)

Leane, Caroline Agnes. Author of serial stories published in the Gawler Standard under the pen name Agnes Neale.

Leaney, A. Journalist at the News 1928.

Lee, Frank. Cartoonist at the Stock Journal in the 1940s.

Lee, Richard Egan (died 1883). Printer, journalist. Following a colourful career in Sydney and Melbourne, Lee came to Adelaide in the late 1870s. Worked at the Lantern and the Adelaide Punch from 1882. Wrote stories as 'Scriblerus'. Also wrote poetry. (Evening News (Sydney), 31 May 1883, p. 3.)

Leonard, JH. Cartoonist at the Lantern in the 1880s, and then at Melbourne Punch.

Letheby, Colin. Manager of the Pinnaroo and Border Times from 1927 until 1941. Son of John Letheby.

Letheby, Emily. Wife of John Letheby. Took over the management of his newspapers on his death in 1925.

Letheby, John (died 1925). Printer. Editor of the West Coast Recorder (Port Lincoln), then founded the Pinnaroo and Border Times in 1911, followed by the Lameroo Recorder and the Murrayville Pioneer. Editor of the Pinnaroo and Border Times until 1917 when he moved to Adelaide due to ill health, but continued to manage the newspaper and contribute articles.

Lewis, Arthur. Employed at the Protestant Advocate?

Lewis, James Heath (died 1890). Printer of the Illustrated Adelaide Post and printer and publisher of the Protestant Advocate. Charged with libel about the Sisters of St Joseph published in the latter title in 1872. (Portonian, 14 September 1872, supp.)

Lewis, Tim. Manager of the Border Watch in 2012.

Liddy, John. Owner and editor of the Barossa News from 1945, and subsequently founded the Barossa and Light Herald in 1951, which he sold in 1977.

Lindsay, Owen. Sub-editor of City Mag 2015.

Linklater, Frederick Harvie (born 1850). Editor, lawyer. Editor of the Lantern in the 1880s. Arrested for bigamy 1879. As Adelaide correspondent for the Bunyip, was fined for libel 1883. (Chronicle, 23 June 1883, p. 12; Wallaroo Times, 21 January 1882, p. 2.)

Liston, Ellen (1838-1885). Governess, telegraphist, short story writer, poet. Stories and poems published in the Observer and other periodicals in the 1870s and 1880s.

Lloyd, Tim. Journalist. Reporter for the Chronicle from 1974, then principle theatre critic for the Advertiser from the mid 1980s. Arts editor between 1987 and 1995, and then obituaries editor, and arts and heritage writer.

Loan, D. Journalist at the Register News Pictorial 1928.

Lodge, Wilfred Francis H. (Frank) (died 1915).  Journalist at the Register Port Adelaide office for two years prior to enlistment in the First World War. (Observer 19 June 1915, p. 37.)

Loewe, Carl. Printer. With FA Rieger founded the Neue Deustche Zeitung Fuer Australien in Adelaide in October 1875.

Loney, JV. Journalist at the Advertiser prior to enlistment in the Army in 1940.

Longson, Edward Charles (1831-1919). Solicitor and stockbroker. Contributed share news to the Register newspaper 1889.

Longson, Harry (1907-). Cartoonist. Work appeared in the Radio Call 1937-1938, and the Sunday Mail from 1940 until he joined the Army during World War II.

Love, Anthony (Tony). Journalist at the Advertiser, Saturday Magazine editor, wine writer and food reviewer, 1970s-1980s.

Lovekin, Arthur (1859-1931). Journalist at the Register, then partner with Thomas Harry in a law reporting and news agency business in the 1880s. Later owner of the Daily News, Perth, and Member of Parliament. (Western Mail (Perth), 17 December 1931, p. 26; Brisbane Courier, 12 December 1931, p. 15.)

Loyau, George (1835-1898). Journalist, poet and historian. Born in London, at age 17 Loyau went to sea and arrived in Sydney. Wrote poetry for early Sydney periodicals, the Cornstalk in 1854, and the Month in 1855, also wrote music hall songs as 'George Chanson'. Became a country correspondent in Queensland and editor of the Gayndah Argus there in 1861, then the Burnett Argus and Queensland Guardian. In 1865 in Sydney doing freelance work, including for Illustrated Sydney News and Town and Country Journal. Later he was editor of the Gundagai Times under the proprietor, JB Elworthy. In 1877 he was doing freelance work for Fitzroy Mercury and established the Hotham newspaper. Later that year arrived with his family in Adelaide and was editor and owner of Australian Family Herald, and travelled to Gawler to become editor of the Bunyip in 1878 to 1879. Became editor of the Illustrated Adelaide News, and also wrote a column in Frearsons Monthly and worked for Frearson's Weekly and the Norwood Times. Contributor to the AdvertiserObserver, Australian Star, South Australian Christmas Annual. Author of several books. (Advertiser, 23 June 1898, p. 7; The Personal Adventures of George E. Loyau, Adelaide, L. Henn, 1883; Kapunda Herald, 6 May 1898, p. 3; Advertiser, 23 June 1898, p. 7.)

Lucas, Hannah. Cadet journalist at the Murray Valley Standard 2008.

Lucas, William Arthur (1853-1939). Arrived in South Australia 1876, joined the Advertiser as a printer and compositor. Wrote for the Licensed Victuallers' Gazette in the 1880s. In 1888 became editor of the Port Pirie Advocate. Joined the Register, working from their Port Adelaide office. (D 8124 L.)

Luke, Judith. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1960s.

Lumsden, Daniel Fraser (died 1939). Journalist at the Register from 1883 to 1886, and city correspondent for the Kapunda Herald 1884 to 1886. Then at the Melbourne Argus from 1886. Became a Hansard reporter in Victoria, and in 1901 was second in charge of the Commonwealth Hansard reporters.

Lyons, Peter Laurence. Journalist and businessman.



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