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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Targett, Walter. Editor. Founding editor of the Broken Hill Argus which he left to edit the Port Pirie Standard in 1889 under owners James Cowan and Fred Grey. Targett left at the end of his first year.

Taylor, Andrew Fyfe(1839-1891). Part owner and editor of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times. Early experience working for the Evening Post and Scottish Record in Scotland. Came to NSW in 1862 and established a newspaper at Morpeth with his brother, and then both went on to New Zealand to manage the Southland News at Invercargill until 1864. Came to Wallaroo in 1865 and opened the Wallaroo Times (later Kadina and Wallroo Times). Also founded the Areas Express newspaper at Booyoolee in 1877. (Kadina and Wallaroo Times, 18 April 1891, p. 2.)

Taylor, Clara Furner (died 1915). See Furner Taylor, Clara.

Taylor, David (1839-1907). Twin brother of Andrew Taylor. Came to NSW in 1862 and established a newspaper at Morpeth with his brother, and then both went on to New Zealand to manage the Southland News at Invercargill until 1864. Came to Wallaroo in 1865 and opened the Wallaroo Times (later Kadina and Wallaroo Times).  Also founded the Areas Express newspaper at Booyoolee in 1877. Part owner of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times, which was sold to his second wife, Clara Furner-Taylor in 1901, but he continued as manager of the newspaper until his death. (Kadina and Wallaroo Times, 18 April 1891, p. 2; Kadina and Wallaroo Times, 13 February 1907, p. 2.)

Taylor, Henry S. (1873-1932). Editor of the Renmark Pioneer 1905 to 1932. Involved in a number of movements including the Anti-Poverty League, single-tax movement, and land nationalisation. In the 1890s involved with William Lane in the 'New Australia' venture in Paraguay. Taylor returned to South Australia in 1896. (Advertiser, 12 November 1919, p. 7.)                                                                                                                                                   

Taylor, John (1823-1865). Banker, newspaper proprietor. John Taylor was one of the executors of John Stephens, and on Stephens' death in 1850, Taylor, with William Kyffin Thomas, ran the South Australian register. This was during the difficult Victorian goldrush period, when many businesses, including newspapers, were forced to close down. However, Taylor and Thomas managed to keep the Register open. Taylor left the newspaper in 1853, having placed it on a firm financial footing. (Register, 26 May 1865, p. 4)

Taylor, Tom. Working at the Register in 1890.

Taylor, Una. Journalist. Worked at the Advertiser prior to her marriage in 1923. Managed the Mount Barker Courier following the death of her father, CMR Dumas, in 1935 until selling the newspaper in 1938. Sister to Lloyd Dumas.

Taylor, William Francis (died 1945). Son of Andrew Taylor. Took over his father's newspaper, the Kadina and Wallaroo Times in 1910 in partnership with James Pengelley and later Fred Pengelley (son of James) until his death in 1945, when his share in the newspaper passed to his wife.

Templeton, Anthony. Journalist at City (Messenger Press) 2015.

Tepper, Johann Gottlieb Otto (1841-1923). Entomologist. Contributed articles to Weekly Herald and Garden and Field. (PRG 313; Register, 19 February 1923, p. 8.)

Thiele, W. Erwin. Owner/editor. Managing editor of the Barossa News from 1933 to 1938, and 1942 to 1945. In 1946 established the Penola Pennant as owner/editor which he ran until 1950.

Thomas, AA. Journalist at the News when it began in 1923. Later worked for Mutual Life and Citizen's Assurance.

Thomas, Darryl. Journalist. Began at the News, then worked for the Australian. Spent thirteen years with Messenger Press as senior reporter and sub-editor. Group editor for John Pickford's suburban Gazette Newspapers.

Thomas, Evan Kyffin (1866-1935). Editor. Youngest son of William Kyffin Thomas. Joined literary (journalist) staff at the Register in 1885. He was sub-editor of the Register and editor of the Observer. Later secretary to the editor, member of the reporting staff and sub-editor at the Register before becoming editor of the Observer. In 1899 became a junior partner of the Register proprietory and from 1910 was general manager. In 1929 when the Register was taken over by the Melbourne Herald he became Chairman of Directors until the newspaper was merged with the Advertiser. (Advertiser, 29 July 1935, p. 14; Chronicle, 1 August 1935, p. 41.)

Thomas, Reginald Kyffin (1881-1914). The son of Robert Kyffin Thomas, editor and part owner of the Register. Reginald Kyffin Thomas wrote under pen name 'Rex'.

Thomas, Robert (1781-1860). Bookseller, newspaper publisher. In partnership with George Stevenson, Thomas established South Australia's first newspaper, the Register, in 1836. Took over Adelaide Chronicle from William Caddy Cox in March 1840.

Thomas, Robert (1851-1910). Reporter and newspaper proprietor. Joined Register in 1869, first in the printing department, then consecutively became a reporter, Parliamentary reporter, chief of the reporting staff, and in charge of Hansard reporting until 1882 when he joined the general management of the newspaper. Joined the proprietors in 1877. On his father's death in 1878, with J. Harvey Finlayson and Charles Day, Thomas became joint proprietor of the Register. Knighted. (Register, 14 June 1910, p. 8.)

Thomas, William Kyffin (1821-1878). Printer, son of Robert Thomas. Printer at the Register from age 16. One of a syndicate of seven men who re-purchased the Register in 1853. He remained a proprietor of the newspaper until his death. (Advertiser, 11 July 1878, p. 13.)

Thompson, Bill. Son of the proprietor of the West Coast Sentinel, WA Thompson. Bill worked at the newspaper from 1932, and was later managing editor. Bought the business in 1952 in partnership with his wife, Jean Thompson. Sold to the Hill family in 1968.

Thompson, Claude (died 1949). Journalist, editor. Wrote for the Worker, Coolgardie Sun and Perth Sunday Times in Western Australia in the early years of the 20th century. In 1910 editor of the Barrier Daily Truth at Broken Hill. Then on staff of Melbourne Truth, and became ditor of the Adelaide Truth. Returned to Perth in 1931 working at the Groper, Guardian, and for the Sampson newspaper chain.

Thomson, Andrew. Kapunda Herald.

Thomson, George (died 1899). Trained as a journalist at the Register where he worked until 1890 as a Parliamentary reporter. Then joined the Melbourne Age, then the Melbourne Daily Telegraph, and later the Sydney Morning Herald. Later at the West Australian, then the Coolgardie Miner. Son-in-law of printer WH Jeffery. Father of Harry Thomson. (Register, 21 March 1899, p. 5.)

Thomson, Harry (died 1933). Lawyer, journalist. Worked for the Advertiser c. 1900 before training as a lawyer. Son of George Thomson. (Chronicle, 26 October 1933, p. 52.)

Thomson, James L. Employed at the Naracoorte Herald from 1906, and purchased the newspaper form Dugald Caldwell in 1948. In 1958 sold to Harry Peake of the Mount Barker Courier.

Thomson, Rev. Robert (died 1912). Journalist at the Advertiser 1874 to 1882. Sub-editor at the Register 1882, and the Evening Journal, and a city correspondent for the Kapunda Herald. Resigned in 1905 and became a Presbyterian minister at various parts of NSW, briefly worked as a journalist in Sydney, then minister at Unley. (Chronicle, 21 December 1912, p. 44.)

Thorp, Elliott. Journalist at the Hobart Mercury from 1920. Later editor of the Country News.

Thwaites, Claire. Editor of the Victor Harbor Times in 2012.

Thybell, Carl. Horticulturist. Contributed articles to Garden and Field.

Tilbrook, Alfred. Brother of HH Tilbrook and partner with him at the Northern Argus from 1871 until his retirement in 1913. Founded the Blyth Agriculturist in 1908.

Tilbrook, Denis Temple (1928-). Editor of the Northern Argus from 1965 to 1987. Son of Eric Tilbrook.

Tilbrook, Eric Hammond (1895-). Journalist at the Northern Argus from 1921, then editor. Son of Reg Tilbrook. (Areas Express, 19 February 1926, p. 2.)

Tilbrook, George (died 1882). Printer. Working at Hokitika, New Zealand 1870. Printer of the City and Country for Ebenezer Ward. (City and Country, 25 August 1882, p. 2.)

Tilbrook, Godfrey Vincent (1901-). Editor of the Blyth Agriculturist from 1965 to 1969. Son of Reg Tilbrook.

Tilbrook, Henry Hammond (1848-1937). Newspaper proprietor and editor, amateur photographer. At age 13 began work for the Register as a compositor, before working in the north of the state on a station. Moved to New Zealand and managed a newspaper at Greymouth for three years. Returned to South Australia and founded the Northern Argus at Clare in 1869 in partnership with Alfred Clode. Retired in 1889. (PRG 180; Northern Argus, 17 September 1937, p. 7.)

Tilbrook, Ian Temple (1926-). Editor of Northern Argus for seven years. Son of Eric Tilbrook.

Tilbrook, Kym Lander. Journalist. Began working as a cadet journalist at the Advertiser in 1969 and retired in 2006. Positions included day editor, chief-of-staff, features editor, associate editor - features and news, chief political reporter and group manager (editorial) for the Advertiser and Sunday Mail. Son of Denis Tilbrook. Author of Through our eyes: the history of the Country Press Association of SA and SA country newspapers, 2012.

Tilbrook, Leslie Noke (1879-1953). After apprenticeship on the Northern Argus, in 1911 took over the printing of Kapunda Herald. Became manager and editor in 1917 and bought the business in 1923, which he sold in 1951. Son of Alfred Tilbrook. (Barossa and Light Herald, 8 January 1953, p. 1.)

Tilbrook, Maurice Henry. Son of Reg Tilbrook.

Tilbrook, Reginald Henry (1895-). Son of Henry Tilbrook.

Timotheou, Stephanie. Journalist with Messenger Press 2015.

Tobin, Andrew. Cadet journalist with the Advertiser under Bob Jervis.

Toy, Bert F. (1878-?). Journalist. Attended Whinham College, North Adelaide and trained for journalism. Wrote for the Adelaide press, joined Parkes Independent (NSW) as a teenager. Next worked at Coolgardie Pioneer where he became editor. Then to Perth Morning Herald who sent him to South Africa as war correspondent during the Boer War. (Australian Town and Country Journal, 24 November 1900, p. 41.)

Travers, Neil. Journalist. Joined Whyalla News as a cadet journalist in 1969. Joined Fairfax Media in Canberra in 1972.

Treloar, Craig. Editor of the River News and the Mid North Broadcaster in 2012.

Trembath, Lionel (1890-). Journalist at the News from 1923, most of his time being spent as sub-editor, including over 20 years as chief sub-editor.

Tremelling, Joan. Long serving journalist at the Mount Gambier Border Watch.

Trotter, Howard. Journalist at the News 1930 to 1946 and editor of the 'Satirically Speaking' column. Editorial staff of the troop newspaper, About Ship 1941. Managing editor of Back the official magazine of the Returned Servicemen's League of South Australia. (News, 20 November 1946, p. 7.) 

Truman, Alys (d. 1960). Writer for the Advertiser, Express, Journal and Chronicle. Her contributions to the Chronicle included brief stints editting the women's pages, and in her last years she compiled the 'Answers to correspondents.' Used the pen name 'Beetee'.

Turner, David. Editor of the Edwardstown Community News (Messenger Press) in 1967.

Turner, Ian. Editor of the Kangaroo Island Islander until 1995.

Twelftree, Clifford. Journalist at the News until 1935 when he left for England.

Twopenny, Richard Renest Nowell (1857-1915). Journalist at the Register and secretary to the editor until 1877, and later their New Zealand correspondent while running the Otago Daily Times from 1883 to 1890. Then senior proprietor at the Pastoralists' Review, Melbourne, which he co-founded with Captain AW Pearce in 1891, and editor until 1910. (Register, 3 September 1915, p.5; Border Watch, 26 December 1877, p. 2.)




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