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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Gage, Alfred William. Printer, newspaper owner. Worked at the Jamestown Review from 1880, owned the newspaper from 1899 to 1919.

Gairdner, Robert (died 1935). Contributed articles to the Naracoorte Herald. (Naracoorte Herald, 26 January 1948, p. 5.)

Gale, Jason (1970-). Journalist at the Stock Journal from 1991 to 1996. Inaugural editor of the Stock Journal's specialist viticulture and horticulture publication, The Grower, in 1995. Joined Bloomberg News in 2000.

Gall, David (1824-1887). Printer and journalist. Arrived in South Australia in 1850. With partner Sheridan, published the Comet, which he retired from in 1873. This included his letters and opinion pieces about providing employment through local industry and preserving the parklands, about which he also wrote to the Register. Correspondent for the South Eastern Star, writing as 'Delta'. An amateur artist, his son Ernest Gall became a well regarded photographer. (Advertiser, 27 December 1887, p. 7; Observer, 23 December 1887, p. 23.)

Garcia, Sara. Editor of the Whyalla News 2012.

Gardner, James. Policeman, journalist. Left the police force to become a journalist at the Advertiser.

Gare, Victor Cromwell. Journalist, minister. Journalist at the Register for six years, then at the Hamilton Spectator (Victoria) for three years before training as a Baptist minister in Melbourne.

Garland, Hugh G. (died 1918). Journalist. Trained at the Register Port Adelaide office prior to enlisting in the Army in 1915. In 1917 wrote a series of war sketches for the Register, which were published in book form after his death, together with some of his poems. (Register, 15 May 1918, p. 7.)

Garran, Andrew (1825-1901). Journalist and M.P. Trained as a Congregational minister in London, arriving in South Australia in 1851. In partnership with William Whitridge began the Austral Examiner in 1851. Editor of the Observer and Register 1854-1855. In 1856 began work with the Sydney Morning Herald, becoming editor in 1873. Retired from the newspaper in 1886. Entered N.S.W. Parliament. (Observer 26 April 1856, p. 6; 'Out among the people by Vox', Chronicle 2 April 1964, p. 63, Australian Dictionary of Biography.)

Gavens, Harry. Journalist at the Border Watch 1910 to 1916, then at the Port Pirie Recorder.

George, Elizabeth (nee Baker) (died 1953). Journalist. Women's columnist at the Register writing under the pen name 'Elizabeth Leigh'. When the Register closed she conducted the women's pages the Advertiser, the Chronicle and later also the Mail. Retired in the mid 1940s. (See archival record D 6367)

George, Esmond. Journalist at the Register News Pictorial 1929.

Gibson, Rev. William. Methodist minister. Kingston correspondent for the Naracoorte Herald from 1909 until the 1920s. (Naracoorte Herald, 26 January 1948, p. 5.)

Giddings, William John Peter (1861-1938). Journalist. Joined the Advertiser in 1872, compiling social news, also drama critic. Became the newspaper's special commissioner in London in 1886. Covered the various colonial exhibitions including the 1887 Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition. Became editor of the Silver Age, Broken Hill, from 1890, the Tamworth News in 1894. Moved to the Golden Age in 1895, the London British Australasian 1n 1896, the Newcastle Morning Herald in 1897. Returned to Adelaide and became editor of Fauldings Journal 1899 to 1913, founded a local British Australasian in 1901, and was editor of the Standard from 1913 to 1918. (Advertiser, 2 June 1890, p. 4; Chronicle, 4 August 1938, p. 46.)

Gilbert, William Barlow (d. 1893). Journalist with James Allen at the Adelaide Times and the Weekly Dispatch. Then worked for the Melbourne Argus.

Gilbertson, Matt. Busker and journalist. Columnist for the Sunday Mail and the Advertiser's 'Adelaide Confidential' column, 2014.

Giles, CR. (died 1915). Journalist at the Advertiser.

Gilpin, Alex (1911-1935). Journalist at the News for nearly five years, then from early 1934 at Perth Daily News. Killed in a plane accident.

Glasson, Joseph (died 1938). Musician and composer. Wrote series of articles about his early memories of Kadina, published in the Kadina and Wallaroo Times during August 1933.

Glusauskas, Jurgis. Publisher of the Lithuanian newspaper, Australijos Lietuvis.

Glynn, Patrick McMahon (Paddy) (1855-1931). Lawyer, editor, Member of Parliament. Editor of Kapunda Herald 1883 to 1891.

Godfrey, T. Editor of the Wallaroo Times in the 1870s.

Goers, Hermann Carl (Charlie) (1873-1945). Employed at Barossa News from its inception in 1908, becoming manager in 1914 and managing editor in 1919.

Golding, H. (died 1916). Journalist at the South Eastern Star (Mount Gambier), then in Adelaide. Bought a share in a Victorian country newspaper prior to enlistment during the First World War.

Goldsworthy, Ian. Sub-editor at the Advertiser.

Goncalves, Virgil. Journalist, editor. Joined the Whyalla News in 1987.

Goode, Angela. Author. Columnist at the Advertiser.

Gordon, David John (1865-1946). Became manager of the Port Adelaide office of the Register in 1888. In 1891 the newspaper sent him with the explorer Giles, after which he wrote many articles about the interior of Australia. Financial and commercial editor from 1893. Agricultural editor of the Observer, writing as 'Wuronga'. Promoted to editorial staff in 1899 as leader writer and acting associate editor of the Register. Became chief of the Hansard staff. In 1911 entered Parliament. (Australian Dictionary of Biography, vol. 9, pp. 51-52.)

Gordon, Lillias. Journalist at the Advertiser until1931.

Gorey, Michael. Editor. Resigned as editor of the Border Watch in 2010.

Gosse, Nan. Social columnist at the News prior to her marriage to Maxwell Hole in 1934.

Gough, Irene. Was 'Possum' of the Mail children's pages until 1940.

Govett, Ernest (1856-). Journalist at the Advertiser becoming sub-editor until 1890 when he became proprietor of the Silver Age at Broken Hill, and the Broken Hill Budget. Moved to newspapers in Victoria and NSW. Champion chess player. Moved to London 1897 as special agent for the State Bank of South Australia. In 1915 left for the USA. (Barrier Miner, 28 October 1891, p. 2.)

Graham, Dierdre. Journalist at Pinnaroo Border Times 2009.

Grainger, Henry Allerdale (1848-1923). Journalist and politician. Following a newspaper career in America, Grainger arrived in Adelaide in 1876 and in 1878 founded the Australian Star with William Watson. Grainger was the editor. In 1876 he was writing for the Observer Miscellany with a story for children. Elected to Parliament 1884. (Register, 21 June 1886, p. 7; Border Watch, 19 December 1888, p. 4.; Quiz, 13 June 1895, p. 4; Chronicle, 29 December 1923, p. 40.)

Grasby, William Catton (1859-1930). Teacher. Purchased the Garden and Field in 1891 after a time as headmaster of Roseworthy Agricultural College. From 1904 agricultural editor at the West Australian and the Western Mail under owner Charles Harper. (Daily News, 27 October 1930, p. 4.)

Grealy, Michael. General reporter and also industrial reporter at the Advertiser.

Gregory, Julie. Journalist. Began working for the Border Watch and Messenger Press from 1978. Then three stints as a reporter at the Advertiser: from 1979 to 1983, 1984 to 1988, and 1994 to 1995. (Julie Gregory, 2018)

Greig, Alex. Reporter at theMurray Bridge Bridge Observer 1971.

Green, Henry Thompson (1894-1934). Journalist. Printer at the Daily Herald prior to the First World War. Returned to the newspaper as a printers' reader after the war, before becoming a journalist there. In 1925 joined the Advertiser. (Chronicle, 30 August 1934, p. 26.)

Green, Ivan H. Journalist at the Border Watch, moved to the Narracoorte Herald 1935. Then to the Bendigo Advertiser in 1940, and in 1941 to the Melbourne Argus.

Green, Rev. Matthew Wood (died 1914). Member of the New Zealand Parliament before coming to Adelaide. Editor of the Alliance and Temperance News, a newspaper published in support of temperance, that is, abstaining from drinking alcohol in excess. The newspaper was founded in Adelaide in 1889. Described as a prolific writer for the press generally - possibly in letters to the editor. (Advertiser, 30 September 1914, p. 9.)

Greenberg, RR. Journalist at the Daily Telegraph (Sydney) then the Sunraysia Daily (Mildura) and joined the Murray Pioneer in 1949.

Greenwood, Graham Norman. Journalist at the Mount Gambier Border Watch, and later editor of the Stock Journal. Subsequently editor of the Farm Weekly, Western Australia. Biographer of Allan Scott. OAM award 2017.

Greig, Alex. Staff reporter at the Bridge Observer 1971.

Grey, Fred. Auctioneer and shipping agent. In partnership with James Cowan established the Port Pirie Standard in 1889.

Griffith, Pat. Journalist at the Advertiser 1970s.

Grimes, EH. Herald.

Grosvenor, G. Arch (1911-2008). Journalist. Began work at the Victor Harbour Times in 1925 aged 14 and was editor from age 18. Author of 'Gleanings by Gleaner' in the Times from February 1933. Left in March 1938 to join the Murray Pioneer. Editor for 27 years. From 1952 sporting commentator on Radio 5RM, and ABC news correspondent for the Riverland. Subsequently the Advertiser's country editor for 21 years. In his retirement he was Bowling editor for the Advertiser and wrote for the SA Bowler magazine.

Grover, Harry. Editor of the Mail from 1928, then to the News as associate editor. Previously employed at the Melbourne Herald. (Chronicle, 23 April 1931, p. 43.)

Grundy, Edward Lindley (1795-1875). Teacher, company secretary, editor, politician. Editor of the Irish Harp to 1869, of the Bunyip in the same period, and later the Gawler Standard. Elected to Parliament 1860. (Register, 30 January 1875, p. 6.)

Gurr, Caleb George (1856-1929). Auctioneer and printer. Publisher of the Weekly News 1904-1918. (Advertiser, 9 October 1929, p. 18.)

Gurr, Johnny. Editor of the Loxton News until 1964, then became an ABC regional journalist with Radio 5MV.

Guthrie, Bruce. Journalist and editor. Editor of a number of high profile newspapers and magazines, including the Age, Herald-Sun (Melbourne) and People Magazine. Co-founder with Eric Beecher of the online Indaily.



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