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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Painter, Celia. Journalist at the News in the 1980s.

Palmer, Alan. S. Journalist at the News in the 1930s and later wrote for the Adelaide edition of the Truth. In the 1940s editor of the ZC and NBH Conveyor, a mining magazine at Broken Hill.

Papps, Nick. Journalist. Deputy editor of the Sunday Mail. Became editor of the Geelong Advertiser in 2011.

Parish, Edward William (1880-). Journalist at the Register in its last years.

Parish, Maurice. Politician, printer, newspaper owner. Established the Murray Valley Standard out of his Murray Bridge printshop in 1934. Wrote the 'Mingling with a multitude' column using the pen name 'Stroller' from 1947 to 1950. In that year he sold the newspaper to his editor, Frank Hambidge.

Parker, John William. Printer and publisher of the Colonial Gazette (London).

Parkinson, Patrick Francis Frederick (died 1866). Journalist at the Register from July 1848 until his death in 1866. Goldfields reporter during the Victorian gold rush (1851-1853) and then principal parliamentary and Supreme Court reporter for the Register. (Observer 10 February 1866, p. 4; Chronicle, 10 February 1866, p. 2.)

Parr, JH. Cartoonist at the Lantern.

Parsons, Bunty. Journalist. General and political reporter at the Advertiser for two periods in the 1970s and 1980s, working as research assistant to a Federal politician in between. Subsequently worked in media relations and corporate communications. Has written for Independent Weekly and SA Life. Since 2004 running her own writing and editing business. (Bunty Parsons 2018)

Parsons, Rev. JL. Joint editor with Rev HJ Lambert of Truth and Progress 1870.

Peake, Harry. Editor of the Mount Barker Courier from 1938 to 1946. Took over the Naracoorte Herald as owner/editor in 1958. Retired and sold the business to his son Richard Peake in 1979.

Peake, Richard. Editor. Cadetship at the Advertiser. Later took over the Naracoorte Herald from his father, Harry Peake in 1979. In 2001 with Judith Barton he added ownership of the South East Kingston Leader and in 2005 ownership of the Bordertown Chronicle. All three newspapers were sold to Fairfax Media in late 2010. At this time Richard Peake's nephew, Lee Curnow, became editor of the Herald.

Pearson, Christopher (1951-2013). Journalist. Arts editor of the Advertiser for seven years before taking over the newly published Adelaide Review after its second issue. Purchased the Wakefield Press in 1986. Left Adelaide Review in 2002. Wrote for the Australian Financial Review from 1997 to 2001, and from 2002 a column in the Weekend Australian, as well as occasional columns and articles for a number of newspapers including the Sydney Morning Herald, Age and Courier Mail.

Peattie, Alexander Mechie (1867-1910). Journalist, cyclist. Joined the Register in the early 1880s. 'Cycle editor' from 1887 to 1903, writing cycling column 'Wheelmarks' under the pen name 'Handle-bar'. Author of Popular Cycling Tours. The cycling track between Waterfall Gully and Eagle on the Hill was named the Peattie Track in his honour. Moved to Melbourne 1903 to work in advertising department of Hugo Wertheim Ltd. (Quiz, 11 September 1903, p. 10.)

Penalurick, Nadra (1914-). Music critic at the News from 1951 to 1954.

Penberthy, David. Editor of the Sunday Mail until 2014, when he moved to Radio Adelaide.

Pengelley, Frederick William (1893-). Owner/editor. Son of James Pengelley. Part owner of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times with William Taylor until 1962 when Pengelley became sole proprietor, and later sold the newspaper to CJG and TF Ellis. (Kadina and Wallaroo Times, 30 September 1965, p. 2.)

Pengelley, James Henry (1856-1935). Printer. Joined the Wallaroo Times at the age of ten years. Part owner of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times in partnership with William Taylor from 1910 until his death in 1935 when his share passed to his son, Fred Pengelley. (Kadina and Wallaroo Times, 21 August 1935, p. 2; .)

Penney, Richard. Doctor. Co-editor with Dr Edward Davey of the Adelaide Examiner in the 1840s. He also wrote under the pen name 'Vox Populi' both in his own newspaper and elsewhere.

Perri, Sophie. Journalist with Messenger Press, 2015, writing for The City in 2016.

Perrin, George Samuel (died 1900). Journalist at the Advertiser until 1880, then at the South Australian Woods and Forests department.

Perry, Brad. Editor of the Riverland Weekly (Berri) from its inception in 2007 until it ceased in 2013.

Perry, Nick. Acting editor of the Yorke Peninsula Country Times 2015.

Pether, Henry. Partner and co-founder of the Northern Mail in 1876 until its sale in 1878.

Pfeiffer, Carl. Sports editor at the Murray Valley Standard from 2006. Editor of the Eyre Peninsula Tribune and also the West Coast Sentinel in 2012.

Phillips, Karen. Part-time writer for Independent Weekly 2005. Journalist at the Advertiser specialising in features and sport.

Phillips, Edward (died 1897). Member of the Register clerical staff in the early 1850s.

Phillips, RO. Editor of the Edwardstown Community News in 1944.

Phillips, Fred Butson (1898-). Son of William Downing Phillips of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times, appears to have worked at the newspaper before volunteering for service during the First World War.

Phillips, William Downing (1867-1950). Son of William James Phillips. Took over ownership of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times on the death of his father in 1914.

Philllips, William James (1842-1914). Teacher, shopkeeper, Town Clerk. Proprietor and publisher of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times from 1895 until his death.

Pick, Jack. Printer at the News when invited to join the Waikerie River News in the 1950s. Editor from 1962.

Pick, John. Managing editor of the Waikerie River News for over thirty years, following his father Jack Pick.

Piggott, Michelle. Editor of the Transcontinental from 1995, having previosuly been a cadet journalist there since 1987. Journalist at the Whyalla News from 1993 to 1995.

Pitman, Frank. Nephew of Isaac Pitman. Employed at the Quorn Mercury.

Platts, Charles. Bookseller. Platts dabbled in newspaper publishing by establishing the Adelaide Examiner in 1841 with George Dehane as printer. (The forerunner to the Observer.) He also published a series of irregular humorous newspapers with James Allen from 1845: Timothy Short's Journal of Passing Events, Adelaide Gazette Extraordinary, First of April Cracker.

Plumridge, Harry. Journalist. Worked for the press in Melbourne, before joining the Advertiser. Enlisted in the RAAF during the Second World War, becoming war correspondent for the Chronicle, and after the war was editor of that newspaper. Press attache in Tokyo 1946.

Polkinghorn, Ray. Popular Advertiser columnist in the 1970s. He joined the newspaper in the 1930s.

Ponton, TG. Journalist at the Register and then at the Advertiser 1878. Returned to the UK in December 1880.

Pool, Janet. Editor of the South Eastern Times (Millicent) 2012.

Pope, Alexander. Journalist at the Recorder (Port Pirie) until 1922.

Porter (Cross), Karen. Joined The Advertiser as sub-editor in 1990 from APN. Became Advertiser Features editor and Saturday Magazine edito. Then at the Daily Telegraph backbench. Returned to the Advertiser as deputy editor. Became the first female editor of the Sunday Mail and later was Advertiser assistant editor. Commonwealth Press Union's Australian Harry Brittain Fellow in 2001. New York Post Exchange in 1995. (Information from Karen Cross 2019)

Porteus, J. Gordon. Published the Adelaide Hills Producer and Gazette, Stirling, from 1931 to 1932. 

Potts, Rev. WA. Editor of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1927.

Poulton, Lindsay (died 1996). Worked with the family-owned Border Chronicle until his tragic death. Son of Roy and Joy Poulton.

Poulton, Neil. Worked at family-owned Border Chronicle, which he purchased in 1998 and continued to run with his wife Christine and daughter Tracey, until selling to the Naracoorte Herald in late 2005. Son of Roy and Joy Poulton.

Poulton, Roy H. (died 1977). In 1950 bought the Border Chronicle (Bordertown) which he ran with his wife (Joy) and later sons Neil and Lindsay.

Poulton, Tracey. Worked at family-owned Border Chronicle until it was sold to the Naracoorte Herald in late 2005. She then continued as manager and editor of the newspaper. Daughter of Neil and Christine Poulton.

Pounsett, Henry (d. 1890). Printer, musician. Apprentice printer at the Register under William Kyffin Thomas. Co-publisher with J. Elliott of the Adelaide Musical Herald. (Observer, 15 November 1890, p. 30.)

Pounsett, Richard Bestall (died 1955). Journalist at the News from 1928 until 1936, when he was appointed secretary of Minda Home. Formerly worked for the South Australian Railways.

Powell, James Russell (1869-1897). Employed as a reporter at the Advertiser from 1885 to 1897. Parliamentary reporter from 1888, and Hansard reporter from 1891, and working on the 'Ministerial rounds', collecting information from the various ministries and public offices. Also wrote weekly cricket and football reports. (Register, 31 May 1897, p. 5.)

Powell, W. Journalist at the Advertiser, left to run a South African newspaper in 1902.

Pratt, Cam. Editor of the Daily Herald until 1914, then moved to Perth. (Daily Herald, 2 May 1914, p. 4.)

Price, Rev. John. Co-editor with the Rev Silas Mead of the Baptist Church journal Truth and Progress in 1868.

Pritchard, Henry James (1837-1910). Well-known printer

Proctor, Mollie. Journalist. Short story published in the Chronicle 1893. Moved to Sydney 1915.

Proud, Cornelius (1853-1905). Journalist, stock broker. Journalist and Hansard reporter at the Register 1870s.

Pryor, Marina. Journalist at the Advertiser from the 1960s.

Pryor, Oswald. Cartoonist. Cartoons appeared in the Critic in 1919.

Puddy, Albert (1846-1937). Musician and journalist. Journalist at the Advertiser for 30 years. (Advertiser, 26 August 1937, p. 19; Chronicle, 6 January 1938, p. 47.)

Pudney, Jeremy. Journalist with Messenger Press in the 1980s.

Pullman, Walter. Editor of the Chronicle 1940s.


Quarrell, Alfred James. Gardening editor at the Mail from 1923-1940. 

Quarrell, Lois. (1914-1991). Journalist. Daughter of gardening editor, Alfred Quarrell. Joined the Advertiser as a typist in 1932. Became first full time women's sports' writer at the Advertiser in 1936, possibly second only to the Sydney Morning Herald's Kathleen Commins. From 1946, broadcaster on 5AD about women's sport. In 1948 was one of a group of sub-editors of the short-lived inter-church newspaper, Youth's World. Left the Advertiser in 1949 to join the Moral Re-Armament movement in Melbourne until 1953, then she rejoined the newspaper. Retired in 1970. Continued to report on women's golf, lawn bowls and croquet until 1977. (Howell, Peter A., 'Lois Quarrell, a notable mid-twentieth century journalist and her impact,' Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia, no. 42 (2014), pp. 29-42.)



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