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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Sabey, Ian (died 1941). Journalist at the Advertiser prior to enlistment in the Army in 1939.

Sadler, James (1860-1935). Bank clerk and inspector, freelance journalist/poet. His often satirical/political poems under the pen name 'Ab-Original' were published in various Adelaide newspapers during 1880s and 1890s, including the Observer. From 1885-1891 he joined 'Hugh Kalyptus' (Spencer Skipper) in his 'Echoes and re-echoes' column in the Observer. From 1899 London correspondent for the Register for 14 years, and also wrote for London newspapers. Travelled extensively in this period, writing series of articles about this for the Register, also about "preferential trade". Returned to Adelaide and joined the State Recruiting Committee during the First World War. Member of the Adelaide Literary Society. (Register, 14 June 1927, p. 8; Advertiser, 18 May 1935, p. 13; Advertiser, 14 March 1936, p. 10.)

Sanders, William. Journalist. Employed at the Register from 1895 to 1910, mainly as music critic. (Advertiser, 4 October 1946, p. 12.)

Sanderson, G. Editor of Edwardstown Community News in 1950, and again in 1954.

Sankey, Daniel. Editor of Brisbane Times (online) and from November 2013 editor of Indaily (online).

Sansom, P. Journalist at the Advertiser 1870s.

Saunders, Alfred Thomas (1854-1940). An accountant and amateur historian, Saunders wrote copiously to the press about aspects of South Australian history. (See PRG 37.)

Saunders, Guy. Editor of SA Motor in the 1950s. Also wrote short stories.

Saunders, Paterson James (died 1934). Worked at Calcutta Englishman, Adelaide Register from 1878, In Mount Gambier in the late 1880s, and then Melbourne Herald. Editor of the Wallaroo Times in 1878. Editor of the Newcastle Morning Herald (NSW) from 1923 to 1929. (Sydney Morning Herald, 13 September 1934, p. 17.)

Savill, J. Eden. Cartoonist at the Portonian.

Scales, John. Political reporter, chief-of-staff, features editor and then editor of the Advertiser.

Scandrett, James (1836-1903). Printer, newspaper owner. Compositor with the Government Printing Office. Established Kapunda Herald with James Elliott in 1864. (Kapunda Herald, 12 June 1903, p. 3.)

Scarfe, Henry Cornelius (1816-1895). Tailor, Clerk of Courts, journalist and poet. While stationed with the Port Elliot Court from the 1850s wrote as Port Elliot correspondent for the South Australian Register.

Schulz, JRW. Editor of the revived Australische Zeitung from 1927 until 1929, in partnership with BD Auricht. This newspaper then became part of the Queenslander Herald.

Schomburgk, Otto. Founder of the Adelaide-based Suedaustralische Zeitung in April 1850, with Carl Muecke, and editor Gustav Droege.

Schwartz, Gordon. Sports reporter at the Advertiser, and sports panellist on Channel 7.

Scott, Allan (1923-2008). Owner of trucking company. Major shareholder in South East Telecasters group which purchased the Penola Pennant in 1978. In 1999 Scott purchased the Border Watch which in turn took over the South Eastern Times in 2006.

Scott, David Wylie (1817-1887). Farmer, editor. Founded the Port Adelaide News, which was sold to Edwin Derrington in 1878. Previously editor of Pasquin, probably after the death of ER Mitford, the original 'Pasquin'. Frequent writer to the Register. Father of Winifred Scott. (Observer, 3 December 1887, p. 32.)

Scott, Kenneth. Journalist and author. Journalist at the News in the 1920s.

Scott, Reg. Journalist at the Register. Transferred to Federal Hansard staff, Melbourne, 1901.

Scott, Winifred Julia Purton (1865-1950). Journalist, short story writer and artist. Contributed stories to the Antipodean Annual and the Commonwealth Annual in the 1890s. Possibly wrote for Quiz in the this period. Winifred Scott wrote as 'Magpie' for the women's pages of the Observer from 1896 until the newspaper closed in 1931, her column titled 'Chatter.' From 1898 she also contributed to the children's column in the Observer, with the 'Sunbeam Bookshelf.' Her articles also appeared in the Register from 1928 to 1931. (PRG 1524/15; Brisbane Courier, 4 July 1893, p. 4; Advertiser, 22 July 1950, p. 5.)

Seager, Helen. Journalist with the News and Mail from 1923 until 1933, when she left for Melbourne.

Sellar, James Zimri (1830-1906). Shorthand reporter at the South Australian, regular letter correspondent to the Register from 1850. Member of a number of political groups including the Anti-State Aid to Religion League, National Reform League, Adelaide Democratic Club, Homesteads League, etc. Elected to Parliament 1905. (Advertiser, 21 December 1906, p. 7; Register, 21 December 1906, p. 5.)

Sewell, H. Horticulturist. Contributed articles to Garden and Field.

Sexton, Harold Oswald (d. 1949). Born in Adelaide, but worked mostly with interstate newspapers including the Melbourne Age, Wangaratta Dispatch and Tasmanian North West Post. Returned to Adelaide and worked at the Advertiser and Chronicle, becoming editor of the Chronicle. (Advertiser, 18 July 1949, p. 3)

Seymour, John Talbot. Editor of the Wallaroo Times 1870s. (Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser, 4 June 1880, p. 3.)

Sharma, Seema. Editor of the Port Augusta Transcontinental and of the Roxby Downs Sun in 2012.

Sharp, Ken. Journalist at the Stock Journal in the 1960s.

Shead, Isobel Ann. Journalist. Originally form New South Wales, joined the Adelaide News. Married to Charles Zwar in London in 1938.

Sheldon, Sheila. Journalist at the News in the 1950s, editor of the women's pages.

Shepherd, Eric John (died 1967). Journalist at the Advertiser 1937.

Sholl, Reginald Frank (1874-1948). Journalist. Employed first at the Register, then at the Melbourne Argus. From 1927 ran a private shorthand business in Melbourne. (Advertiser, 29 April 1948, p. 2.)

Shurdington, Lyle. Journalist at the Penola Pennant. Owned this newspaper from 1971 to 1978.

Simmons, Michael. Journalist at Victor Harbour Times 2013.

Simmons, Travis. Editor of the Murray Valley Standard 2009.

Sincock, John. Journalist at the Border Watch (Mount Gambier) from 1888 to 1895, then at the South Eastern Star (Millicent) 1895 to 1897 and at the Advertiser from 1897 to 1907. He became Government Shorthand Writer in 1907, and from this date until 1911 was also editor of the Journal of Agriculture. (Register, 8 December 1921, p. 6.)

Singer, Ignatius. Economist, journalist. Born in Hungary. Interested in law reform. Editor of Our Commonwealth. Atheist and member of the Single Tax League, also promoted land nationalisation. Later in New Zealand.

Sinnett, Frederick (1830-1866). Journalist, editor. Son of the English authoress, Jane Sinnett, brother to Alfred Sinnett, editor of the Indian/English daily Pioneer newspaper. Arrived in South Australia in 1849 as a railway engineer. Worked under George Stevenson at the South Australian Gazette and Mining Record, then moved to Melbourne Herald, followed by the Melbourne Argus. In 1855 he established the Melbourne Punch. In 1858 became editor of the Geelong Daily News. Returned to Adelaide and worked as a parliamentary shorthand writer and established the evening newspaper the Telegraph and also the Weekly Mail. Also wrote for the Wallet and Express. He returned to the Mebourne Argus in 1865, and died a year later. (D 6589 Misc.; Advertiser, 28 November 1866, p. 2; Register, 24 November 1866, p. 2; Chronicle, 1 December 1866, p. 3.)

Sinnett, Percy (1859-1882). Draftsman, journalist. Son of Frederick Sinnett. Wrote for Adelaide Punch as 'Per Se'. (D 6589 Misc.; Register, 2 August 1882, supp. p. 2.)

Skelton, Joseph (died 1884). Merchant. Editor of the Northern Territory Times until his death.

Skipper, Mervyn Garnham (1886-). Journalist and author. First winner of the junior Tennyson Medal for literature. Worked for the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company for 20 years. In 1924 became a journalist at the Sydney Bulletin. Son of Spencer Skipper.

Skipper, Spencer John (1848-1903). Began working at Pasquin, under Eustace Mitford, and in 1871 joined the Register as art and drama critic. Between 1884 and 1890 he was involved with the editor John Howard Clark in composing the Geoffrey Crabthorne column of satirical political comment, writing firstly as 'Unohoo' and later using the pen name 'Hugh Kalyptus'. The columns often included satirical poetry. Skipper also wrote as 'Freeluncher' for the Bunyip and other country newspapers. He wrote on a number of topics for the Register, and towards the end of his career was the shipping reporter for both the Register and the Advertiser. Skipper also contributed work to Adelaide Punch, the Lantern, Quiz and Portonian. (PRG 60; Critic, 8 October 1898, p. 19; Register, 21 March 1899, p. 5; Chronicle, 12 September 1903, p. 32; Daily News (Perth), 8 September 1903, p. 1.)

Slade, Bill. Sub-editor and then editorial manager at the Advertiser.

Slade, Keith William (1918-). Journalist at the Advertiser until 1953.

Slee, Denys. Reporter on the Chronicle.

Smedley, AG and AR. Printers and newspaper publishers. Produced the Adelaide Central Times (1955). Printers of the Border Guardian.

Smedley, Michael Alfred. Herald.

Smith, Beaumont. Gadfly.

Smith, Berry Wilson. Worked as a journalist at the Register for several years before joining the Western Australian Hansard staff. Returned to Adelaide to work for the Advertiser. Appointed to the South Australian Hansard staff in 1923. (Register, 12 July 1923, p. 8)

Smith, Charles. Publisher of the Egotist.

Smith, Clem James Drummond . Journalist at the Naracoorte Herald in the 1890s, under D. Caldwell, owner.

Smith, Edward E. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1950s. Also wrote as 'Edward Lindall'. Prior to this worked in London for several years. Short stories published in English, American and Australian magazines.

Smith, Tessa. Wrote gardening column for the News 1923. Daughter of Melbourne journalist James Smith.

Smith, William Sydney (1865-1960). Freelance photographer. His work was published in the Observer 1900-1927. (PRG 733)

Smythe, Robert Sparrow (died 1917). Journalist, entrepreneur. Trained as a printer in England. Worked at Illustrated Post, Melbourne 1857. Came to Adelaide and worked at the Register as parliamentary reporter soon afterwards. Then at the Advertiser, and became leader of the Hansard reporting staff at the Advertiser in the 1860s, before working at the Melbourne Age and for a Sydney newspaper. Became a musical entrepreneur. (Referee (Sydney), 30 May 1917, p. 14.)

Solomon, Reginald Louis. Journalist. Solomon was sporting writer at the Adelaide Truth, and for a short time from November 1906, was running the Truth on behalf of Chandler.

Solomon, Vaiben Louis (1853-1908). Editor and owner of the Northern Territory Times, 1884 to 1898. (Chronicle, 24 October 1908, p, 44.)

South, Alfred Edward. Printer and editor. Worked as a printer on various city newspapers before becoming owner and editor of the Port Pirie Recorder, which he ran in partnership with Charles Meyrick from 1898 to 1919. Later in Western Australia. His daughter married the journalist Leigh Stevens. Father of journalist Clive South and compositor Gordon South. Brother to Walter South. (Critic, 1 April 1899, p. 25, 27.)

South, Alfred Clive (Clive) (1889-). Journalist at the News and later at the Sydney Daily Guardian. Son of Alfred South.

South, Walter Brown (died 1933). Editor and newspaper owner. Established the Port Pirie Advocate in 1885, later joined by his brother Alfred South.

Southwood, John Albert (1868-1945). Journalist. Apprentice at the Kadina and Wallaroo Times for seven years. Compositor at Barrier Miner and Argus. Editor Katoomba Times. In South Australia established Plain Dealer in 1897 and the short-lived Copper Age in 1906, editor of the Nationalist 1918. Entered Parliament 1912.

Sowden, William (1858-1943). Journalist, editor and newspaper proprietor. Began work at the Port Adelaide News in 1879. Joined the literary staff of the Register in 1881, and became chief of the reporting and Hansard staff soon afterwards. Became editor in 1898. Using the pen-name of 'Pencil' wrote regular column as city correspondent for the Kapunda Herald. He also wrote as 'A Scribbler'. Knighted in 1918. (PRG 41; Critic, 11 June 1898, p. 15; Chronicle, 14 October 1943, p. 24.)

Spence, Catherine Helen (1825-1910). Journalist, novelist, social and political reformer. Began contributing articles to the South Australian when it was run by her brother-in-law, Andrew Murray. Reading of Thomas Hare's electoral reform theories, she began writing letters on this subject to the Register, as 'C.H.S.' Her writings impressed Frederick Sinnett, who took up the subject in his Telegraph and Weekly Mail newspapers. Sinnett also published her novel 'Uphill Work', later published as Mr Hogarth's Will. Her novel 'Hugh Lindsay's Guest' was serialised in the Observer. The Observer, Journal and Queenslander then published 'Gathered In' also as a serial. From 1878 she wrote regularly as an 'outside' staff member of the Register and the Observer. She wrote literary articles and reviews anonymously, but also articles as 'A Colonist of 1839'. She wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Review, Victorian Review, Centennial, and Fraser's Magazine and the Fortnightly. Also for the Adelaide Weekly Herald in the 1890s. (Register, 4 April 1893, p. 5)

Spooner, Horace H. (c. 1865-1900). Journalist and artist at the Sydney newspapers Evening News and Town and Country Journal. War correspondent in South Africa during the South African (Boer) War, his reports appeared in a wide range of newspapers and journals, in South Australia this included Fauldings Medical Journal.

Sprigg, Eric George (1898-). Began as an apprentice at the Border Chronicle (Bordertown) in 1911. In 1924 he became a partner in the business, and sole proprietor from 1932 until he sold the newspaper in 1950.

Spring, George. Co-owner of the short-lived Kadina Copper Age 1906.

Stacy, Ernest James (died 1941). Journalist, minister. Worked at the Register in the 1890s. Became a minister in the Congregational Church.

Stafford, Gavin. Journalist at the Mount Gambier Border Watch in 2015.

Stanbury, William Bert. Photographer at the News in the 1980s.

Stansbury, CF. Owner/editor of the Lantern 1882-1884.

Steele, Douglas John (1929-2013). Journalist at the News, Melbourne Herald, then returned to the News in the 1970s as chief of staff, and later editorial manager until its closure in 1992. (Advertiser, 7 September, 2013, p. 74)

Steele, Ian. General reporter, features writer and political reporter at the Advertiser. Then worked for the United Nations.

Steer, Wallington Stewart (died 1947). Journalist at the Register prior to enlistment during the First World War. Radio pioneer.

Stegar, Winifred (1882-1981). Author and traveller. As 'Winifred the Washerwoman' she wrote for the women's pages of the Observer from 1930 (under title, 'Stardust and soap bubbles') and later also for the Chronicle newspaper. Author of Life with Ali, describing travelling to Mecca with her Indian husband, and children, in 1927. Stories from her travels were often incorporated in her column.

Steinthal, Georg Gottfried (died 1868). Editor of Die Deutsche Post, Tanunda, at the time it closed in September 1850, then published the Deutsche Zeitung fur Suedaustralien with Hermann Kook.

Stephen, George Milner. Newspaper owner. Established Adelaide's third newspaper, the Adelaide Guardian, in November 1839.

Stephens, John (1806-1850). Journalist and newspaper owner. Began his career as a journalist at the English radical newspaper, the Christian Advocate. He became associated with George Fife Angas, and editor of the South Australian Colonist, a newspaper sponsored by Angas to promote immigration to South Australia. He came to Adelaide in 1843 and for a short time worked under James Allen at the Register. However, he and Allen clashed, and in 1843 Stephens left and with George Dehane founded the Adelaide Observer. In 1845 he took over the South Australian Register from James Allen. Publisher of the Adelaide Miscellany magazine in 1848.

Stephens, Stanley W. Canberra correspondent for the Advertiser, then editorial manager.

Stevens, Charles John (1857-1917). Journalist, editor. Joined Register on his arrival in Adelaide from London in 1875. Manager of Port Adelaide office 1877 to 1886, then sub-editor at Journal and Register from 1890. Leader of the reporting staff 1892 to 1899. Associate editor of the Register from June 1899 until his retirement in 1910. Son Leigh was a journalist at the Advertiser.

Stevens, Charles John (1929-2011). Journalist. Born at Glenelg, son of a Congregational Church minister. First worked at Barrier Daily Truth (Broken Hill). In 1940s joined the Adelaide News, then to Melbourne Herald. First chief sub-editor at the Australian. From 1966 at Melbourne Age. (The Age, 29 July 2011, p. 16)

Stevens, Donald Leslie (1903-). Journalist at the News 1928.

Stevens, George (died 1898). Journalist, actor, mining speculator. Began work at the Advertiser at both its Adelaide and Port Adelaide offices in the 1880s. About 1885 was sent to Broken Hill as correspondent for the Advertiser, and also the Melbourne Age, and Sydney Daily Telegraph. Married actress Edith St John. To Perth 1892 and worked as parliamentary reporter for the West Australian. Acted in burlesques etc. Re-joined the West Australian and sent as special reporter to Kalgoorlie for a time. (West Australian 6 August 1898, p. 4; Port Pirie Recorder 20 August 1898, p. 3.)

Stevens, Vivian Leigh (Leigh) (1892-1969). Journalist at the Advertiser in 1930 and at the News in the early 1950s. Son of CJ Stevens of the Register.

Stevenson, George (1799-1856). Editor. Stevenson had an interesting early life at sea, studying medicine, and travelling through Canada and Central America. He began writing about his travels for the London Globe and examiner, and in 1835 became editor of the Globe. Interest in Wakefield's theories of colonisation, and contact with Robert Torrens, part owner of the Globe, led him to migrate to South Australia in 1836 as partner with Robert Thomas in the South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register. His editorial outbursts in the newspaper, combined with his dual role as private secretary to Governor John Hindmarsh, brought the newspaper into the midst of the early conflicts and led to his insolvency in 1840, and the sale of the newspaper to James Allen. Stevenson established the South Australian Gazette and Mining Journal at the time of the discovery of copper at Burra.

Stevenson, George John William (1839-1893). Journalist, Attorney-General. Joined the Advertiser about 1859, where he became music critic and a sub-editor. In 1873 joint publisher of the Lantern with Charles Murphy and JD Woods. Moved to Sydney Morning Herald 1876. Son of George and Margaret Stevenson of the Register.

Stevenson, J. Working at the Register in 1889.

Stevenson, Margaret (died 1874). Wife of George Stevenson, who was first editor and co-owner of the Register, 1836 to 1842. Daughter of John Gorton, author and editor of the London Globe. She is known to have written content for the newspaper including a series of letters under the pseudonym 'A Colonist'. (PRG 1361/28, Talk by Elaine J. Wotzke; Lantern, 3 October 1874, p. 5.)

Stewart RR. Journalist at the Advertiser 1946.

Stoneman, AG. Journalist at the Port Pirie Recorder in the 1930s.

Stott-Despoja, Shirley Margaret. Journalist. Writer for the Advertiser from the 1960s, and later a columnist for the Adelaide Review in the 2000s. Awarded OAM 2017.

Stow, Jefferson Pickman (1830-1878). Farmer, journalist, Stipendiary Magistrate. Joined the Advertiser in 1865. Editor from 1876 to 1884. Co-founder of the Gawler Bunyip, with George Isaacs.

Stratton, Thomas Walter Franklin (1857-). Founder, proprietor and news reporter of the People's Weekly at Moonta in 1890. Sold the newspaper in November 1893 to JT Hicks and RJ Hughes.

Strode, Thomas (1811-1880). Printer. Began work on his arrival in Tasmania in 1832 as a printer at the True Colonist. Then worked at the Sydney Herald, and in Melbourne in 1838 launched first the Melbourne Advertiser and then with editor George Arden, the Port Philip Gazette. In country NSW Strode next published the Hunter River Gazette before returning to Sydney in 1843. In 1847 arrived in Adelaide and worked at the South Australian and the Mercury. Later worked at the Melbourne Argus.

Stutchbury, Michael. Cadet journalist at the Advertiser, now (2015) editor of the Financial Review.

Sudholz, JWA. A wealthy businessman believed to have funded the short-lived Neue Deutsche Zeitung between 1875 and 1876, in opposition to the Australische Zeitung of Basedow, Muecke and Eimer.

Sutch, Max. Journalist. Journalist at the News and Sunday Mail. In 1929 he was at the Sydney Sun Herald.

Sutherland, George A. Journalist, author. Initially worked for a Victorian country newspaper, then employed at the Register from 1881 to 1902, mostly writing leaders (editorials). In 1902 joined the Melbourne Age. In 1889 founded a weekly comic paper titled the Budget. No surviving copies known. (Kapunda Herald, 2 July 1889, p. 3; Register, 4 December 1905, p. 5.)

Swan, Tony. Manager of the Barossa and Light Herald 2012.

Sweetapple, Anna Mapleson (died 1928). Writer of a number of newspaper serials under the pen name 'Silver Wattle' from the 1880s onwards. Her first appears to have been 'Sowing the Wind' published in the Journal in 1885. Also had serials published in the Port Augusta Dispatch and the Chronicle.

Swinstead, Dallas. Journalist.

Swinstead, Gene. Journalist with News Ltd, began career in Adelaide. Brother of Dallas and Julian Swinstead.

Swinstead, Julian. Journalist at the Messenger Press in the 1980s. Brother of Dallas and Gene Swinstead.

Syme, RH. Journalist at the Register from 1907 to 1911, then at the West Australian, Perth.



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