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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Earl, Lechelle. Journalist at the Border Watch 2006.

Edwards, John Ernest (Jack). (d. 1956). Journalist and editor. Worked at the Port Augusta Dispatch until purchased the Transcontinental newspaper at Port Augusta in partnership with MH Hill in late 1914. Journalist at the News from 1923 until 1941, including writing a column as 'Mr Pim'. Established Whyalla News with WJC Willson in 1940. Jack Edwards was editor until his death in 1956.

Eggers, Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (1854-1947). Son of Wilhelm Eggers.

Eggers, Wilhelm (1828-1882). Printer. Arrived in South Australia from Hannover in 1848 and joined the Register as a compositor. Took over Rudolf Reimer's Adelaider Deutsche Zeitung in 1855. When the Tanunda-based Australische Deutsche Zeitung combined with the Adelaide-based Suedaustralische Zeitung to form the Australische Zeitung in the city in 1875, Eggers became editor of overseas news on the new enterprise. He sold his share to Basedow and Muecke in November 1875. At this time he was editor of the Neue Deutsche Zeitung Fuer Australien. (Adelaide Observer, 4 February 1882, p. 29).

Eimer, Charles. Son of Georg Eimer. Continued as manager of the printing department of the Australische Zeitung after his father's death.

Eimer, Georg Valentin (died 1901). Printer of the revived Suedaustralische Zeitung at Tanunda from January 1859 in partnership with Friedrich Basedow and Charles Barton. Eimer bought out the other two partners and moved the newspaper to Adelaide in 1862, amalgamating it with the Adelaide Deutsche Zeitung. Eimer's new newspaper was named the Suedaustralische Zeitung and Carl Muecke was its editor in the 1860s. In 1875 the Tanunda-based Australische Deutsche Zeitung was combined with the Adelaide-based Suedaustralische Zeitung to form the Australische Zeitung, in the city, and under Eimer's management. Friedrich Basedow, Carl Muecke and William Eggers were in partnership with Eimer. Later sons Charles Eimer and Oscar Basedow ran the newspaper.

Eitel. Editor of the Critic 1907.

Elliott, Cecil Cave (1889-1969). Founding editor of the Victor Harbour Times in 1912. Joint owner with George Jones of the Southern Argus fromt 1940 until his death. Son of Joseph W. Elliott.

Elliott, Charles Albert Edward (1863-1920). Journalist. Eldest son of Joseph Elliott of the Southern Argus. Worked at the Register from the 1880s, member of the Hansard staff from about 1891. Member of the Advertiser staff for 30 years. (Chronicle, 11 September 1920, p. 34.)

Elliott, James (died 1883). Newspaper editor/owner. Established the Kapunda Herald in partnership with James Scandrett in 1864.

Elliott, Joseph (died 1883). Owner/editor of the Southern Argus from 1871 to 1883.

Elliott, Joseph William Elliott (1859-1939). Son of Joseph Elliott of the Southern Argus. From 1881 his poems were published in his father's newspaper under the initials 'J.W.E.', with many appearing during the period 1890 to 1896. Later Elliott wrote a column 'Jottings by JWE' in the Argus, mostly containing reminiscences of Strathalbyn and newspaper printing history.

Ellis, Cecil JG. Printer, editor/owner. Began work at the Kadina and Wallaroo Times at the age of 14 as a printers' devil. Purchased a share in the business from the Taylor and Pengelley families in 1946 on the death of William Taylor. Purchased further share from Hugh Hughes in 1958, and son Trevor became a partner with him. Also purchased a share in Hughes' other newspaper, the Moonta People's Weekly, in 1950. The two newspapers were merged under the Ellis family in 1966.

Ellis, Michael. Managing editor of the Yorke Peninsula Country Times 2012, having joined the family firm in 1982. Son of Trevor Ellis.

Ellis, Trevor F. Son of CJG Ellis and part owner with him of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times from 1958, which in 1968 became the Yorke Peninsula Country Times.

Ellson, Rob. Journalist. Editor of the Kangaroo Island Islander from 1995 to 2005.

Esau, Ken. Editor of the Chronicle in the 1960s. Great grandson of John Henry Barrow, founder of the Advertiser.

Evans, Charles Louis (1872-1943). Farmer. Wrote for the Naracoorte Herald in the early decades of the 20th century. (Naracoorte Herald, 26 January 1948, p. 5.)

Evans, Henry Congreve, 'Harry' (1860-1899). Journalist. Son of the writer Maude Jeanne Franc. Worked at the Advertiser from leaving school, c. 1876. Became leader of the reporting staff. Wrote 'Member for Saltbush' column. Short stories published in the Port Augusta Dispatch, and Quiz, also in other journals, and the South Australian Christmas Annual 1881 and Savage Club Annual 1885. Co-founder with AT Chandler of Quiz in 1889. (Critic, 14 January 1899, p. 11; Advertiser, 10 January 1899, p. 5.)

Evans, Matilda Jane (died 1886). Widow of a Baptist clergyman, sister of Henry Congreve. Prolific authoress of religious stories, some of which also appeared first as newspaper serials for example in the Wallaroo Times in 1870. (Areas Express, 29 October 1886, p. 3.)

Evans, William James (1862-1904). Journalist. Brother of Harry Evans. Joined the Advertiser c. 1884. Became a member of the literary (reporting) staff 1890. Music and drama critic there and for the Express ('Day to Day'), and Chronicle ('Week to Week'). (Advertiser, 22 September 1904, p. 6.)

Everall, Jean Irven (1870-1926) - Poet and journalist. Conducted the  women's pages at the Daily Herald between 1912 and 1922. She was married to James MacKenzie. (Daily Herald, 1 March 1913, p. 5)


Fagan, W. Reporter at the Salisbury News in the early 1950s.

Farrell, Tom (1917-2012). Journalist. Tailem Bend representative for the Murray Valley Standard. In 1962 appointed chief of staff at the Sydney Morning Herald. (Sydney Morning Herald, 1 December, 2012.)

Fatchen, Max (died 2013). Journalist, poet, children's author. Long time journalist with the Advertiser. Also wrote for the News and Sunday Mail.

Fawcett. Co-publisher of the Adelaide Punch 1868.

Fechner, MJ. Barossa and Light Herald.

Ferguson, Penny. Editor at the Port Augusta Transcontinental until 1995.

Fergusson, Alexander. Gawler Times.

Fewster, Richard. Reporter on the Chronicle.

Fielding, Albert (1873-1910). Journalist at the Register in the 1890s.

Finlayson, John Harvey (1843-1915). Joined the staff of the Register in 1859 as a junior reporter, then law reporter, from 1866 leader of the parliamentry reporters, and leader writer from 1870. Acted for editor John Howard Clark, and took over his position permanently on Clark's death in 1878. A year earlier, Finlayson had become a partner in the firm. From 1898 he was the London correspondent for the newspaper. (See PRG 290; Sowden PRG 41 p. 173-191; Critic, 5 February 1898, p. 9; Register, 22 April 1915, p. 5.)

Fischer, Graham. Editor of the Barossa and Light Herald 2012.

Fisher, Andy. Long-serving sub-editor at the Advertiser and son of a former Australian Prime Minister.

Fisher, MN. Eudunda Courier.

Fisher, Maurice Stephen (1887-1968). Fisher worked for the Chronicle and Advertiser, from 1934 to 1962, and with other city newspapers in the 1900s. Fisher took over the popular 'Out among the people' column by 'Rufus' when its original author, Ernest Whitington, died in April 1934, writing as 'Vox'. (See PRG 117.)

Fisher, Tess. Editor of the Loxton News from 2006 to 2008.

Fitchett, Rev. William Henry (1841-1928). Minister, author and journalist. One-time editor of the Melbourne Telegraph, prolific newspaper contributor during his residence in Adelaide.

Fleming, Kylie. Journalist with Messenger Press.

Fleming, Rev. Peter. Editor of the Australian Christian Commonwealth 1916.

Fleming, WT. Co-editor of the South Australian Oddfellows' Magazine 1843-1846.

Flessner, Hans. Editor of the Adelaider Post 1960 to 1962.

Ford, Jane. Journalist at the Advertiser and Sunday Mail 1988-1992. (J. Ford, 2018)

Forster, Anthony (1813-1897). Agent, editor, politician. Sent to South Australia as agent for George Fife Angas in 1841. Was sent again to Australia in 1844 as agent for a banker. In 1853 became joint proprietor of the Register and the Observer with seven others including William Kyffin Thomas. For 12 years Forster was managing proprietor and editor until 1864, when he returned to England. (PRG 526; D 8480 L; Advertiser, 15 January 1897, p. 5.)

Fosdike, Joanne. Cadet journalist at the Murray Valley Standard 2009.

Foster, Berenice (died 1945). Journalist with the Register, then from 1923 until her death employed in writing for the Advertiser women's pages. Sister of Reginald Foster.

Foster, Farrin. Editor of City Mag 2013.

Foster, Reginald Tingey (1891-). Journalist. Born at Kapunda, journalist and then editor at the Register in its last years. London correspondent for the Advertiser 1929-1933. From 1934 editor of the Courier Mail, Brisbane, by 1940 was at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Fox, Charles James. Dismissed as editor of the Irish Harp in October 1871 due to his criticism of Catholic Bishop, Shiell.(Advertiser, 8 November 1871, p. 2.)

Francis, Audrey. Wrote serials for the Chronicle in the 1940s,a nd also conducted the children's pages as 'Aunt Dorothy'.

Francis, Brian. Journalist. Employed at the Advertiser, ABC, News, Melbourne Herald and the Sunday Mail from 1954 to 1988. With South Australian governor, Sir Mark Oliphant, instigated the Sunday Mail "walks with Nature" column. Winner of News Ltd Top Story Award, 1966. Now lives in retirement in New South Wales.

Franklin, Eric (1919-2013). Journalist. Began as journalist at the Border Watch from 1935 to 1940, then the Spectator (Hamilton, Victoria), and next at the Warnambool Standard. In 1947 became the ABC's Adelaide politics reporter, and between 1953 and 1972 political reporter at the Advertiser, as well as writing boating, caravanning and travel columns. (Advertiser 7 December 2013, p. 82)

Frearson, Robert Sands (1853-1937). Joined brothers Samuel and Septimus, printers and innovative publishers of early Adelaide illustrated newspapers. Moved to Western Australia in 1891 as representative of the business. Retrned to Adelaide and managed the brothers' printing business until it was sold, then founded an advertising and publishing business. (Chronicle, 11 February 1937, p. 15.)

Frearson, Samuel (1845-1887). Printer, newspaper publisher. Worked as printer for Charles Platt, bookseller and stationer. Took over the firm in 1868 and developed the commercial printing arm of the business into newspaper publishing, founding the Illustrated Adelaide News from 1875 with brother Septimus. (Printed at the Advertiser.) Later brother Robert Frearson joined the firm. Pioneered a variety of newly developing newspaper illustration technologies, including the use of half-tone and photographic newspaper illustration from 1887. From 1879 the brothers became early exponents of sensational news reporting in the form of macabre deaths and shocking crimes. (Register, 3 October 1887, p. 2.)

Frearson, Septimus (1849-1932). Printer, newspaper publisher. Joined brother Samuel in printing firm in 1869 and became joint publisher of the Illustrated Adelaide News in 1874, and later of related titles, Frearson's Weekly Illustrated, then Frearson's Monthly Illustrated Adelaide News, and finally the Pictorial Australian. Travelled to Western Australia in 1895 and established the Norseman newspaper at Norseman in 1896. (Advertiser, 2 September 1932, p. 13; West Australian, 26 August 1932, p. 14.)

Friedrichs, H. Jamestown Review ?

Friend, B. Harry.

Fuller, HE. Architect. Art critic at the Advertiser from 1931 to 1952. (Advertiser 23 September 1952, p. 2.)

Furner-Taylor, Clara (1845-1915) (nee Ockenden). Owner of the Kadina and Wallaroo Times from 1907, following the death of her second husband, David Taylor, one of the founding partners of the newspaper.



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