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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Rappolt, Pat. Journalist at the Advertiser 1970s.

Rawlins, Joseph Henry Garth (Garth). Journalist. After service during the Second World War became a government court reporter, then joined the News as a cadet reporter. In London worked for Reuters as a Parliamentary reporter. Returned to Adelaide and the News in May 1956, at the Advertiser for ten years, then back at the News in 1966. Later also worked for the Sunday Mail. (See PRG 735.)

Reimer, Rudolf. Businessman. Publisher and editor of the short-lived German language, city newspaper Adelaider Deutsche Zeitung in 1851. He espoused 'radical' views. (The Basedow Story, p. 24)

Reade, CJ. Journalist. Editor of the Agriculturist and Review (Jamestown) from 1890 to 1899.

Redin, Horatio Samuel (1865-1887). Journalist. Supreme Court reporter for the Law Society of SA 1885-1887. Joined the  Advertiser in 1879, Hansard reporter and sporting writer, wrote descriptions of the Adelaide Exhibition in June 1887. (Advertiser, 26 July 1887, p. 5.)

Reece, Jim. Eudunda Courier.

Regas, Homer (Omeros) (c. 1886-) Journalist, poet, bookshop proprietor, amateur actor. Worked as a journalist at the Kathimerini, Athens for some years before arriving in Sydney with his wife in 1927. Worked at the Panellenios Kerykas, and To Ethniko Vema, before moving briefly to Melbourne and arriving in Adelaide in 1935. With his wife Rita as proprietoress, founded the Pharos (Deltion Pharoy) newspaper in October 1935, while also running a bookshop in Hindley Street. Apparently returned to Greece in 1936. While in Sydney published a collection of poetry and another of short stories. (Recorder, 27 December 1935, p. 2; News, 5 October 1935, p. 3)

Reid, Zoe. Journalist. Assistant social news writer at the Register from 1915. Married Harold Castle in 1921.

Reimer, Rudolf. Wealthy businessman who established the Adelaider Deutsche Zeitung in 1850. He was also editor.

Reschke, Bill (c. 1927-). Journalist. Began work with the Mannum Mercury in the 1940s, joined the Murray Valley Standard in 1951. Then worked in Tasmania for the Advocate and the Mercury. In 1956 became Reuters' foreign correspondent, based in London. Returned to South Australia, joining the Sunday Mail in 1960. ('Top journalist puts pen down', Murray Valley Standard, 26 January 1989, p. 16)

Richards, JH. Editor of the Port Adelaide Citizen 1938.

Richards, John Norman (d. 1886). Journalist. Trained as a compositor in Adelaide, and then worked as first compositor at the Yorke Peninsula Advertiser (Moonta). To Northern Territory, wrote as newspaper correspondent. Next worked at the Kapunda Herald. In 1878, in partnership with Alfred Angel he established the Gawler Standard. When Angel left, Richards continued on his own until 1885, when he sold the newspaper to the proprietors of the Bunyip and started a weekly newspaper at Norwood with G. Howell - the first Norwood Free Press. Richards was editor. Strong advocate of Land Nationalisation through his own newspapers, as well as letters in the Register. (Register, 6 September 1886, p. 2.)

Richards, Samuel. Printer. Co-producer with Albert Molineux of Garden and Field.

Richards, William (died 1888). Wesleyan minister, journalist. Journalist and sub-editor of the Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser in the 1870s. Left in May 1883 to join literary staff at the Advertiser but was forced to resign due to ill health and returned to Moonta, taking up shop keeping. Grandfather of the authoress, Phyllis Somerville. (Chronicle, 29 December 1888, p. 11; Advertiser, 21 December 1888, p. 4.)

Richardson, OK. Editor, government clerk. Editor of Adelaide Chronicle, December 1839, and co-editor of the South Australian Oddfellows' Magazine 1843-1846.

Richmond, Geoff. Court reporter for the Advertiser.

Riddell, Don. Advertiser editor 1980s.

Rieger, Friedrich August Edmund (died 1881). With C. Loewe established the Neue Deutsche Zeitung Fuer Australien in Adelaide in 1875.

Rivett, Rohan. Editor of the News from 1951. Grandson of Prime Minister Alfred Deakin. Instrumental in bringing the Royal Commission into the Stuart Affair.

Rix, Frederick Henry (died 1909). Journalist at the Register. Established the Port Adelaide office for the Register. Husband of serial writer, Harriet Alice Rix, nee Peek.

Rix, Harriet Alice (nee Peek) (died 1928). Wife of journalist FH Rix. Wrote many serials and other literary pieces for the South Australian press all through her life, including serials in the Southern Argus, Port Adelaide News, Observer, Port Augusta Dispatch and Journal.

Roberts, Ernest Alfred. Journalist and MP Editor of the Labor organ, the Weekly Herald, 1904-1908.

Roberts, JW. Journalist at the Register 1878 to 1879, then at the Melbourne Argus.

Roberts, James Potts (1845-1932). Agent. Worked for a short time in 1875 with TS Carey at the Methodist Journal. (PRG 271/2.)

Roberts, John LeMaistre Francis (1843-1910). Journalist. Trained as an apprentice printer from 1859 with Alfred Waddy of Mount Barker, then joined printing staff at the Advertiser. Left to join the Goyder survey expedition and employed on building of the Overland Telegraph Line. Re-joined the Advertiser in 1870, and by 1880 was sub-editor. In 1880 joined in partnership with Charles Aldridge junior as licensees of the Prince Alfred Hotel, a favoured haunt of Adelaide journalists. Retired in 1891. Also work for Daily Telegraph and Register. (Quiz, 21 April 1898, p. 4; D 7946 T; Advertiser 14 June 1910, p. 10; Daily Herald, 14 June 1910, p. 10.)

Roberts, Samuel Edward. Editor of Pasquin from October 1869 to December 1870.

Roberts, William G. Owner of the Lantern 1874 to 1875, and Adelaide Punch.

Robertson, Frank Leighton (1880-). Journalist at the Register, moved to Perth c. 1902. Pursued a singing career in London 1905-1906, returned to Perth where he taught singing. Gadfly (CJ Dennis) referred to him as "the Adelaide warbling journalist". (Gadfly, 23 May 1906, p. 17)

Robertson, Frederick Thomas (1858-1941). Journalist. Joined the Advertiser as an apprentice in 1872, and within four years was doing senior staff work. Leader of the Advertiser reporting staff from 1882. Verses published in the Portonian, Lantern, Young Men's MagazineAdelaide Punch and Quiz. Worked in Parliamentary and law reporting, drama criticism, reviewing, sub-editing and leader (editorial) writing at the Advertiser. Also wrote editorials and other articles for the Southern Argus and Farmers' Weekly Messenger. He wrote more than 10,000 editorials. From 1884 was one of the editorial staff of the Advertiser, and acting editor. Retired in 1930. From 1932 to 1936 wrote book reviews for the Advertiser. First president of the South Australian Institute of Journalists. (Advertiser, 7 August 1941, p. 6.)

Robertson, William Kenneth (Ken) (1905-). Editor of the Port Lincoln Times from 1927 to 1937.

Robin, Ethelwyn (1874-1953). Journalist. Social notes and fashion in the Mail, writing as 'Cousin Kate' from 1913 to March 1923. Working as social editress at the News by August 1923, weekly column on Fridays under pen name 'Candida'. Retired in 1942.

Robinson, J. Moore (died 1936). Journalist in Adelaide and at the Port Pirie Recorder. By 1915 was working in Hobart.

Robinson, Rae (died 1990). Owner/editor of the Angaston Leader, previosuly run by his father, Kirkby Robinson, and subsequently run by Rae's son, Tony Robinson.Editor from 1976 to 1990.

Robinson, Tony. Owner/editor of the Angaston Leader, following his father, Rae Robinson. Tony's sons Peter, Darren and Adam now (2015) also work at the newspaper.

Robinson, William Kirkby. Journalist at the Sport. Owner/editor of the Barossa News (Tanunda) in 1918, and established the Angaston Leader in the same year, of which he was also editor. Father of Rae Robinson.

Roche, John Joseph (died 1882). Catholic priest and later journalist. Wrote for the Lantern under FS Carroll with whom he was joint owner from 1881. Probably also wrote for the wider press. (Register, 12 January 1882; Chronicle, 20 August 1881, p. 21.)

Rodda, Percival Charles (1891-). Rodda was a journalist at the Daily Herald for a short time, before joining the Advertiser staff. He also worked for the Register. He then moved to the Melbourne Argus, before travelling overseas to work for Musical America, and finally became a full time writer of crime fiction, based in the U.K. Most of his work was written under the pseudonym 'Gavin Holt'. (Advertiser, 14 June 1933, p. 16, "Out among the people: Adelaide boy novelist.")

Rodda, Rachel. Journalist at the Advertiser 1980s, including work in their Sydney bureau. Wife of Michael McGuire.

Rogers, Mike. Executive director of the Adelaide City Reporter 1984.

Romans, GH. Journalist at the Register and later a Federal Hansard reporter. Retired 1946.

Roncoli, Gina. Co-editor with Christopher Pearson of Adelaide Review 1985.

Rose, Alma May (1901-) Manager of the Laura Standard following the death of her father, Reuben Rose in 1942.

Rose, Reuben James (died 1942). Congregational Church minister, newspaper owner and editor. Columnist at the Kadina and Wallaroo Times from 1906, and editor from 1909. In 1912 purchased the Laura Standard, which he ran until his death. On his death the Laura Standard was taken over by his daughter Alma Rose. (Kadina and Wallaroo Times, 11 September 1942, p. 2.)

Rosman, Alice Grant (1882-1961). Journalist and author. Early stories published in the Observer and the Chronicle. Worked first at the Saturday Journal, then at the Gadfly under CJ Dennis, 1906, and at the Southern Cross, and Sydney Bulletin 1908 to 1911. Wrote as 'Aunt Tabitha' in the Gadfly. Moved to London in 1911 and worked for the British Australian, Cassell's Magazine and Grand Magazine. She also wrote 'A Woman's Letter from London' for the Daily Herald in 1912. From 1927 took up full time writing for Mills and Boon. (Register, 5 September 1930, p. 24)

Ross, Barbara (nee Yates) (1933-2015). Journalist. Cadet journalist at Launceston Examiner. Joined the Advertiser in 1968. Trained cadet journalists and ran the 'What's Your Problem?' column until her retirement in 1989. Wife of Peter Ross. (Advertiser, 14 November 2015, p. 72.)       

Ross, Peter. Radio news journalist in Launceston in the 1950s. Came to Adelaide in this period as news journalist for ABC radio.

Rowe, Rev. GE. Editor of the Christian Weekly 1889.

Russack, Lance. Journalist at the Mail for a period in the 1920s.

Russell, Rev. Alexander. Wrote for the Southern Cross in the 1890s?

Russell, Christopher John. Journalist. Cadetship with Messenger Newspapers 1979 to 1981, then at the Advertiser from 1981 to 1985. Local Government roundsman 1983 to 1985. Joined the Local Government Association 1985, and working as a consultant since 2018. (Chris Russell, 2018)

Rust, AC. Adelaide journalist. In the 1920s was 'Uncle Tom', the editor of a children's column in the Perth press.

Rust, Bill. Industrial reporter at the Advertiser.

Ryan, Des. Journalist. Worked for the Advertiser. Editor of Messenger. From 2010 with the South Australian online newspaper, Indaily.

Ryan, M. Involved in the 1880s with the Catholic Record.

Ryan, Mark. General reporter at the Advertiser, later press secretary to Prime Minister Paul Keating.



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