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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


Jackson, Trevor. Sports writer at the Mount Gambier Border Watch 2015.

Jacobs, Arthur A. Journalist at the Advertiser prior to enlisting during the First World War.

Jaensch, Mike. Journalist, editor. Began work at Wimmera-Mail Times (Horsham), moving to the Adelaide News in 1972. Then in the News' London Bureau, and at the Sun. At Advertiser from 1978 to 2001, first as news and sports sub-editor, becoming chief sub-editor and night editor. Then sub-editor of Winestate and SA Life, also Independent Weekly. Currently freelance editor. Husband of Bunty Parsons. (Bunty Parsons, 2018)

Jagoe, Richard (1833-1899). Began working as shipping reporter for the Adelaide Times in the 1850s, and was subsequently shipping reporter for the Register and Advertiser until shortly before his death. Eustace Mitford of Pasquin reputedly dubbed Jagoe 'The Sandhill Savage', which stuck till his death. In 1885 he conducted the controversial English novelist and biographer, James Froude, on his one-day tour of Adelaide, and Jagoe is described warmly in Froude's subsequent book, Oceana. (Register, 11 March 1899, p. 6; Chronicle, 18 March 1899, p. 22.)

Jamieson, Mark. Managing editor ofAdelaide Review, 1984.

Janssen, Matt. Real estate writer with City Mag 2015.

Jarman, Frank. Northern Mail.

Jefferis, Barbara Tarlton (1917-). Journalist and television writer.

Jefferis, Rev. James (1833-1917). Prominent Congregational Church pastor. In the 1890s wrote prolific leaders (editorials) about Federation for the Adelaide and other capital city newspapers.

Jeffery, Carolyn. Editor and manager of the Victor Harbor Times prior to 2012.

Jeffery, William Henry. Printer. Printer of the Farmers' Weekly Messenger.

Jenkin, Rev. JG. Co-founder with AP Corrie of the Renmark Pioneer in 1892.

Jenkins, Percy. Editor of the News until 1939. (Advertiser, 7 September 1939, p. 20.)

Jennings, Bob. Journalist. Cadetship at the Advertiser from 1958, then general reporter, country and interstate rep, and from 1968 motoring and motorsports writer. From 1999 motoring writer at the Sydney Morning Herald. Retired 2007.

Jennings, Frederick Joseph. Founding editor of the Sport in 1910.

Jennings, Graeme. Journalist. Journalist at the Advertiser, and agricultural reporter at the Chronicle in the 1970s.

Jervis, Bob. Football writer and cadet counsellor at the Advertiser. Author of the New Sense books about journalism, and the South Australian Football Yearbook.

Jervis, Doug. Chief-of-staff and features writer at the Advertiser.

Jervis, Lawrie (snr). Industrial roundsman and state political reporter at the News. Father of Bob Jervis.

Jervis, Lawrie (jr). Football writer at the News.

Jervis, Peter. Cadetship at the Advertiser, then general reporter and features writer. Sub-editor at the Sunday Mail. Son of Doug Jervis.

Johns, Fred (d. 1932). Journalist. Began work at the Register in 1885. Became a Hansard reporter prior to Federation. In 1910 he became a cable reporter and a member of the editorial staff. In 1914 left the newspaper to lead the newly created parliamentary Hansard staff. Published Johns' notable Australians in 1906, and Fred Johns' Annual. (Advertiser, 5 December 1932, p. 8; Mail, 3 December 1932, p. 1.)

Johnson, Anthony Francis (died 1920?). Journalist at the Register in the 1890s?

Johnson, Harold M. Journalist at the Advertiser 1906. Joined the Victorian Hansard staff about 1915.

Johnson, Joseph Colin Francis (1848-1904). Journalist, artist, miner and politician. Joined the Register in 1867 in the commercial department, soon after joined the literary department. Wrote political sketches and humorous pieces, dramatic critic 1873 to 1880. Left to take on a partnership and editorship in the Adelaide Punch in 1878, until 1882. (Was artist of the 'side cartoons' in Adelaide Punch.) Contributor of poems to the Savage Club Annual and Observer Miscellany and wrote a novel. Entered Parliament 1884. Later worked in mining. Protectionist. (Critic, 19 March 1898, p. 11; Areas Express, 7 December 1878, p. 2; Register, 20 June 1904, p. 4; Advertiser, 20 June 1904, p. 5; Observer, 10 September 1887, p. 33 (port.).)

Johnson, R. Barrister, arrived from New Zealand. Law reporter at the Register 1890s.

Jones, Bill. Mayor of Port Pirie. Editor of the Flinders News from its inception in 1968, as well as articles for the Advertiser, and the Radio 5AD news service.

Jones, James F. (died 1905). Partner in the Mount Gambier Standard with TS Carey in 1868. Founded the South Eastern Star in 1877.

Jones, Perry. Editor of the Southern Argus 2012.

Jones, Robert Samuel. Gawler Mercury.

Jones, Stephen Price (died 1939). Member of the Register literary staff until 1889.

Jory, Rex. Journalist. Started working at the News in 1960 under Ron Boalnd's editorship. Then at the Advertiser until his retirement in 2008. Previously worked for the News. (Advertiser, 5 July 2008)

Joyce, Buckley. Editor of the Port Pirie Recorder from the mid 1920s. Previously of Grafton, NSW.

Judell, Lester Maurice Wolff (1883-). Journalist. Owner of the Agriculturist and Review (Jamestown) from 1921 to 958. Purchased the Areas Express in 1927, and the Laura Standard and Crystal Brook Courier in 1942.

Jung, Kara. Editor of City (Messenger Press) 2015.


Keating, Tulla Marie. Journalist at the News prior to 1941. Married fellow News journalist Stephen Brown.

Keen, Lucille. Journalist at the Murray Valley Standard from 2008.

Keiselbach, Stuart. Journalist at the Border Watch.

Kelleher, Cameron. Journalist, editor. Sports editor for Messenger Press 1980 to1984, then week-end editor at the Melbourne Herald 1984 to 1986. Held a range of positions while based in London 1990 to 1997 including overseas correspondent for the Herald and Weekly Times, sub-editor at the Sunday Times and the Observer, cheief sports sub-editor at the Times, night editor (sport) at the Independent, and sports editor at the Daily Mail. Then communications director for the Stewart Grand Prix and the Jaguar Racing Formula One team 1997 to 2001, and the same role for Volvo Ocean Race 2001 to 2009. Editorial director for the FIA GT1 World Championship, London, 2009 to 2011. Since then ahs been a contributing editor for the Hong Kong-based Blackbird Automotive Journal, an editorial consultant for Bloomberg TV, and since 2015 has been based in Melbourne, working as a communications/PR strategist .

Kelly, Ben. Sports editor at Victor Harbour Times, 2013.

Kelly, Clive. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1930s.

Kelly, JG. Contributed articles to Garden and Field.

Kelton, Greg. Long-serving political editor at the Advertiser from the 1960s. Respected music writer and authority.

Kelton, Sam. Journalist at The City (Messenger Press) 2016.

Kennedy, Alexandra. Inaugural editor of Independent Weekly, 2004. Former advisor to Liberal Premier John Olson. Features editor at the Advertiser.

Kennedy, Frank. General and police reporter at the Advertiser through the 1950s to 1970s. (K. Tilbrook, 15/10/18)

Kennedy, MJ. Journalist at the South Eastern Star 1923 to 1924. (Border Watch, 3 February 1939, p. 3.)

Kennedy, Rev. William. Parish priest at Kadina and editor of the Catholic Monthly 1883.

Keogh, Francis Bernard (died 1927). Businessman and briefly at the Catholic Monthly.

Kerr, Colin. Journalist at the Advertiser prior to enlisting in the Army during the Second World War. Editor with others of the troop newspaper About Ship in 1941. Later an archivist with the State Library of South Australia.

Kerr, Sheryl-Lee. Journalist and author. Cadetship at the Courier-Mail (Brisbane) in 1989, then work at their Melbourne interstate bureau, followed by work at the Sydney interstate bureau. Joined Advertiser in 1993 as humour columnist, Insight feature writer and Features sub-editor. Sunday Times (Perth) from 2003 as a Features sub-editor for STM magazine, until 2016 when Sunday Times was bought by the West Australian. Novelist and book editor since 2016. (Sheryl-Lee Kerr 2018)

Kerrison, RW. Journalist. Joined the Murray Pioneer in 1950.

Kieselbach, Stewart. Editor of the Border Watch from 1955.

King, Thomas. M.P. Part proprietor of the Advertiser in partnership with John Henry Barrow and others during the 1860s.

Kinnear, AC. Journalist at the Advertiser. In 1938 accompanied an expedition to Central Australia to examine remains initially thought to be of the Leichardt Expedition. He sent reports to Adelaide by means of a pedal radio, and filmed some of the trip.

Kirwan, John Waters (died 1903). Journalist with the country press in Victoria, then editor of the Port Augusta Dispatch until 1895. To Western Australia and became editor of the Kalgoorlie Miner and the Western Argus. Later president of the Western Australian Legislative Council and received knighthood. (Critic, 5 November 1898, p. 15.)

Klaric, Paul (b. 1962). Print and broadcast journalist. Journalist at the Advertiser from 1988 to 1990, and 1997 to 1998 in roles including Education Editor. Employed at Australian Associated Press (Melbourne) from 1990 to 1991, then at the ABC (Brisbane) until 1996, and the ABC (Adelaide) in 1999 and again from 2008 to 2013, when he served as Chief of Staff, the 7 pm bulletin producer, and executive producer of the 7.30 South Australian current affairs program. Between 2003 and 2005 he was with ADS Channel 7. Winner of the 2012 National Press Club Award for higher education broadcast reporting.

Klauss, Hugh. Journalist at the News in the 1920s.

Klisser, Louis Michael (1870-). Worked at the Advertiser 1887 to 1894, then joined the Melbourne Age. (Chronicle, 31 March 1894, p. 23.)

Kneebone, Henry (Harry). (1876-1933). Journalist. Began as apprentice printer at the Kadina and Wallaroo Times where he was also a reporter. Then worked in Western Australia as a miner, and a journalist for the Coolgardie Miner. Worked in the office of the High Commissioner, London, from 1912. Returned to Adelaide and joined the Daily Herald as journalist in 1910, and became managing editor in 1916. Remained here until the newspaper's closure in 1924. Also worked as journalist for the Advertiser. Elected to South Australian Parliament in 1924 and became a Senator in 1931.

Knight, David. Editor of Adelaide Review 2015.

Knochs, Dzidra Erna (b.1930). Artist and journalist. Provided arts articles to the Melbourne-based Latvian newspaper, Australijas Latvietis. (see PRG 1381)

Knowles, RH. (died 1917). Journalist at the Register prior to enlisting during the First World War. (Register, 31 March 1917, p. 10.)

Knowles, Vernon. Journalist at the Advertiser, then worked in London. Published collections of poetry.

Knox, John S. In the 1870s 'Father' (president) of the Adelaide journalists' 'chapel' or printers' union.

Koerner, FM. Journalist. Journalist at the Broken Hill Barrier Miner. Editor at the Southern Cross for 33 years.

Kook, Hermann. Surveyor and land agent. Editor of the revived Die Deutsche Post at Tanunda, 1848 to 1849, then of the Deutsche Zeitung fur Suedaustralien published by George Steinthal.

Koopman, Pat. Editor of the Loxton News from 2008 to 2010.

Kornhardt, Carl (died 1851). Arrived in South Australia in late 1847 bringing a German printing press, and established Australia's first non-English (actually bi-lingual) newspaper, Die Deustche Post in Adelaide, with the geologist Johann Menge as editor. This lasted only a few months in 1848, before being revived by others. In March 1851 Kornhardt was named as the publisher of a later German title, Deutsche Zeitung fur Suedaustralien, begun by Georg Steinthal.

Kozlowski, Penny. Journalist at the Advertiser from the 1960s.



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