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NOTE: THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. If you would like to submit details of a South Australian journalist, please email us.


McAlister, Edward James (died 1929). Born in New Zealand, McAlister came to Adelaide and worked as a compositor at the Register until 1883, when he tried his luck in the goldfields at Coolgardie. Returning to Adelaide in 1889 he set up as a printer in James Place, in partnership with Edwin Arthur Ellis, and later with James Evans. In 1895 McAlister published the Free press at Norwood, probably in partnership with Charles Chandler. McAlister was co-publisher, with Charles Chandler, of Adelaide Truth in 1903. Publisher of various newspapers, including the Adelaide news, 1920, Community News and Evening Post.

MacArthur, Fergus Geary (died 1936). While recuperating after the First World War, gained journalism experience in India. Then began a country newspaper in Western Australia. Came to Adelaide as cable sub-editor at the News, and also worked at the Register. Joined the Advertiser about 1929 as assistant sub-editor, which he remained until his early death.

McBain, Ian. Cartoonist with the Mail, the News, and the Advertiser from 1946 until 1950, when he returned to Brisbane.

McCarter, James Barry. Editor of the Chronicle from 1969 until its closure in 1976. Then appointed rural editor of the Advertiser, holding this position until retirement in 1992.

McClory, James Sylvester. Editor of the Licensed Victuallers' Gazette 1885. Attacked in public by JJ Roche for his satirical poem, 'The Cockroach and the Hen,' published in the newspaper in 1881. (Licensed Victuallers' Gazette, 13 August 1881.)

MacClure, Richard (died 1886). Road contractor, farmer. Wrote a weekly column of political commentary for the Border Watch from 1879 under the pen name, "The Fat Man" or "Our Fat Contributor", until shortly before his death.

McDonald, Reg. War correspondent for the Advertiser during the Vietnam War.

McDonald, William J. Journalist at the Advertiser, 1911.

Macdougall, Archibald. Newspaper owner. Established Adelaide's second newspaper in June 1838, the Southern Australian. In 1844 this was sold to Andrew Murray. Owner of the Egotist. Brother of JC Macdougall of the Colonial Times, Hobart.

McEllister, Erroll. Journalist at the Port Pirie Recorder in the 1950s.

McEwin, Rev. John (1845-1894). Son of George McEwin of Glen Ewin. Banker, Presbyterian and Congregational minister. Editor of the Christian Colonist, such was the newspaper's success that McEwin resigned his work as a minister to concentrate on journalism. (Advertiser, 21 May 1894, p. 6; Advertiser, 10 May 1894, p. 6.)

MacFarlane, William H. Clarion (Yorke Peninsula).

McFarling, Donald George. Journalist. Managing editor of the Advertiser 1953-1961. 

McGregor, Rebecca (1862-1945). Type-setter and editor. Printer and type-setter, then editorial staff at the Port Augusta Dispatch under David Drysdale. In 1904 became manager of the West Coast Recorder. (West Coast Recorder 27 October 1932, p. 1.)

McGuire, Michael. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1980s. Husband of Rachel Rodda.

MacIlraith, Frank L. (died 1940). Journalist at the Advertiser and the Daily Herald. Later the London representative for Smith's Weekly (Sydney). (Chronicle, 5 September 1940, p. 21.)

McIntosh, Ian. Journalist. Copy boy then cadet journalist at the News. Became features editor and theatre critic, but taking travel as his specialism. His 'Going Places' was the largest travel section in an Australian newspaper. After a stint in the Northern Territory he returned to the News as finance editor, and then special projects manager during the final years of the newspaper. He subsequently published the Travel News Australia magazine with a national circulation which included New Zealand.

McKain, Alfred (died 1906). Journalist. Editor of a country newspaper in his birthplace, New Zealand, at age 20. Worked at the Melbourne Age, mining column in Melbourne Punch, Melbourne Standard, and briefly at two Victorian country newspapers. Contributed material to the Bulletin. Editor of the Critic until 1904. Husband of Kathleen Mendell, otherwise 'Lady Kitty.'

McKain, Kathleen (nee Mendell). 'Lady Kitty' was the pen name first used by Kathleen Mendell in the Critic in her 'Fashion Frivols' column from January 1898. She married the editor of the Critic, Alfred McKain, in Melbourne in 1899. From 1904 to 1907 Lady Kitty compiled both a social column and a music column for the Chronicle. Alfred McKain died in 1906, and in 1907 his widow moved to London, and wrote 'A Woman's Letter from Home' column for the Observer from this time until 1913, when she moved to Melbourne. From Melbourne she produced a Melbourne social column published in both the Observer and the Journal until 1917 when she returned to Adelaide, continuing to write for the two newspapers. From 1923 to 1929 her column was published in the Observer and the Saturday Journal. From 1930 the column appeared in the Observer and in the Register News-Pictorial. With the closure of the Register and the Observer in 1931, 'Lady Kitty says' appeared in the Advertiser and 'Lady Kitty's patterns' in the Chronicle. The patterns column ceased after 1937, but her social column continued under various titles until she retired in April 1951. From this date occasional articles appeared under her name. Lady Kitty attracted scathing criticism from Thistle Anderson in her 1905 book, Arcadian Adelaide. (Advertiser, 16 April 1951, p. 9; Advertiser, 14 February 1956, p. 3.)

McKay, Margaret. Editor of the Coober Pedy Times which she purchased in 2007.

McKee, E. Manager of the Register News Pictorial 1929.

McKee, Steve. Journalist at the Register 1930.

MacKenzie, Jean Irven - see Everall, Jean Irven

McLaren, Harold Geoffrey (1941-2014). Country sports writer, historian, sportsman. Contributor to the Murray Valley Standard sports pages from the 1960s until his death. Son of Senator Geoff McLaren, Harold stood several times as a Labor candidate in both state and federal election campaigns. Held several awards for outstanding community service. (Advertiser, weekend extra, 22 February 2014, p. 74.)

McLean, John J. Journalist at the South Eastern Star from 1923 to 1926. Also worked at the Werribee Shire Banner, the Geelong Advertiser and the Terang Express. From 1939 was at the Melbourne Advocate and in 1946 joined the Catholic Tribune Melbourne. (Border Watch, 8 August 1946, p. 1.)

McLean, Rob. Editor of the Gawler Bunyip 2012.

MacLennan, William (died 1938). Journalist. Trained as a law reporter. First journalist position was at the Geelong Advertiser in 1901. In 1907 moved to the Border Mail (Albury), and then to the Wagga Wagga Advertiser. He joined the Broken Hill Barrier Daily Truth and from there was appointed to the Adelaide Daily Herald. Held positions of chief of staff and chief sub-editor. When this closed in 1924 he joined the Advertiser. (Chronicle, 1 December 1938, p. 50.)

McLeod, Donald. Publisher of Bell's life in Adelaide, 1861-1862. Bankrupt 1862.

McMahon, Erin. Journalist at the Mount Gambier Border Watch in 2005.

McMullen, Charles (died 1887). Joint owner/editor of City and Country which was continued as South Australian Times. Committed to hard labour for libel of Samuel Tomkinson MP in 1885.

McPherson, John Abel (1860-1897). Compositor at the Register. Entered South Australian Parliament in 1892.

McRostie, Geoff. Took over the South East Kingston Leader in 1979 due to the ill health of his father, Noel McRostie, until 2001.

McRostie, Michael. Managing editor of the South Eastern Times (Millicent) 1991.

McRostie, Noel. With his wife Dorothy took over the South East Kingston Leader in 1978, until 1979.

McRostie, Richard. With his wife Rhonda founded the South East Kingston Leader at Kingston in 1962.

Maddern, John Herbert (1868-1954). Journalist at the Register 1889, at the Advertiser 1901.

Magee, W. Journalist at the Port Pirie Recorder in the early years of the twentieth century.

Magill, Daniel Magennis (Dan) (died 1916). Writer of short stories. Joined Melbourne Herald 1863, then Hansard reporter in New Zealand. Next at Ballarat Star. Then for ten years at the Register as a parliamentary reporter. Work published in Adelaide Punch 1877, and particularly in the Observer Miscellany. In 1911 moved to Sydney to work for the Daily Telegraph. (Cumberland Argus, 5 April 1916, p. 3.)

Magona, Frederick Joseph (1872-1904). Journalist at the Register 1890, later at the Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Argus, and also worked in Western Australia.

Main, Elgin Roy. Eyre's Peninsula Tribune.

Malcolm, Norman (1872-1926). Journalist, civil servant, farmer. Worked at the Advertiser from 1888 to 1896, particularly concentrating on agriculture, football and cricket reporting. Moved to Western Australia to work for the stock department 1896, served in the Boer War, and on his return came back to South Australia as a farmer. Joined the Register until enlisting in the First World War. Used pen name, 'Town Acre' when writing for the Register. Also pen names 'High Mark', 'Hat Trick' and 'Canmore'. Moved to Western Australia 1920 after the death of his wife, and became 'an occasional contributor' to the West Australian in Perth. (Register, 18 September 1920, p. 8; Register, 28 May 1923, p. 10; Register, 8 April 1926, p. 11.)

Mallett, Ashley. Cricketer, author. Journalistic work for the Messenger Press in the late 1980s.

Mansell, Mel. Editor of the Advertiser from 2008 until 2012.

Manuel, Andrew. Owner/editor with his wife Merridy of the Plains Producer since 2008. Son of Roger and Margaret Manuel.

Manuel, Margaret. Editor/owner of the Plains Producer at Balaklava since the death of her husband (Roger Manuel) in 1995, until selling the business to her son Andrew Manuel in 2008.

Manuel, Roger (died 1995). Purchased the Plains Producer at Balaklava in 1983 as owner/editor. His wife Margaret took over on his death.

Marshall, Beth. Editor of the Pinnaroo Border Times 1985 to 2005.

Marshall, Lex. Joint editor with Ruth Marshall of the Adelaide Trading Post in the 1960s.

Marshall, Robert. Took over the Piannaroo Border Times with his wife Beth in 1985. Sold in 2005.

Marshall, Ruth. Joint editor of the Adelaide Trading Post with Lex Marshall in the 1960s.

Marshall, Valda. Journalist at the News in the 1940s.

Marston, Bruce. Production manager at the Mount Barker Courier. Son of Norman Marston.

Marston, Ernest. Owner/editor of the Numurkah Leader (Victoria) prior to purchasing the Burra Record in 1913.

Marston, Frank Teare (died 1980). Newspaper owner/editor. Purchased the Eudunda Courier in 1942, and established the County Light Times in 1949. In 1952 he bought into the Mount Barker Courier and with his family became sole proprietors from 1954. Son of Ernest Marston. Father of Norman and Peter Marston.

Martson, Kym. Journalist at the Mount Barker Courier. Editor during the 1980s and 1990s. Son of Norman Marston.

Marston, Norman. Manager of the Mount Barker Courier since 1966, initially in partnership with his brother Peter. Son of Frank Marston.

Marston, Peter (died 1997). Joint manager of the Mount Barker Courier from 1966, editor until the 1980s. Son of Frank Marston.

Martin, Archibald Edward (1885-1955). Journalist. Grew up at Orroroo and travelled Europe with Harry Houdini. Joined the staff of the Critic, where he met C.J. Dennis, who later employed him at the Gadfly. Moved to N.S.W. in the 1940s.

Martin, Catherine (1848-1937). Author of the acclaimed, An Australian Girl 1891. Wrote poems and serials for the Mount Gambier Standard and the Observer Miscellany.

Martin, Charles. Editor of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1906.

Martin, TE. Printer at the Free Press?

Martindale, John Thomburrow (Jack) (1869-1928). Journalist at the Advertiser from 1880s until his death, being sub-editor for almost 30 years. (Chronicle, 29 December 1928, p. 49.)

Martyn, Keith. Agricultural writer for the Chronicle, country editor at the Advertiser. Later Channel 7 weatherman.

Mason, Bob. Bridge Observer.

Mather, John Baxter (died 1940). Worked for the Advertiser until 1875 when he joined Archibald Caldwell of the Border Watch to establish the Naracoorte Herald. Also at the Warrnambool Standard as compositor. Returned to the Advertiser in 1889 following libel action against the Naracoorte Herald, first as a compositor and from 1890 as a journalist. Between 1893 and 1899 he was the artist for the Express. Art critic at the Advertiser for 15 years. (Critic, 14 May 1898, p. 12; Advertiser, 17 August 1938, p. 19.)

Mathieson, Alec. Reporter, then chief-of-staff at the Advertiser, then general manager of Messenger Press.

Mathieson, Clive. Began cadetship at the Advertiser in 1992, then general reporter and business reporter at the Advertiser. In 1996 he moved to the Australian. In 1999 went to work at the London Times, returning to the Australian in 2002 as business editor, then deputy editor, and is now editor. Son of Alec Mathieson.

Matters, Charles H. Landbroker. Matters promoted his business via his short-lived newspaper, the Adelaide Echo. Matters and his family travelled the world in 1891 and 1892, and managed to have private interviews with such people as the founder of the Salvation Army, General Willaim Booth, and the Prime Minister of England, WE Gladstone. Matters articles about his travels and the interviews for the Adelaide press, including the Register and the Advertiser. Uncle to Leonard Matters

Matters, Leonard W. (1881-). Journalist at the Register, then worked in Western Australia. Worked with a newspaper in Seattle, USA, then for ten years was managing editor of the Buenos Aires Herald. Returned to Australia and worked as a journalist in Perth. Went to London in the 1920s and entered British Parliament in 1929. Brother to the suffragette, Muriel Matters. (News, 4 August 1929, p. 7.)

Matthews, CJ. Journalist at the Register 1898-1920. As agricultural writer used the pen name 'Agricola'. Moved to Melbourne Weekly Times. (Register, 23 October 1920, p. 10.)

May, Ken. Journalist at the News prior to enlisting in the Army during the Second World War. Editorial staff of the troop newspaper About Ship.

Mayes, Stanley H. Presbyterian minister. Journalist at the News in the 1930s prior to entering theological college.

Mayfield, Greg. Cadet journalist at Port Pirie and in 2009 editor of the Port Pirie Recorder. In 2012 the editor and manager of the Port Pirie Flinders News.

Mead, Greg. Lawyer. Editor of the social justice newspaper, Adelaide Voices, since 1987.

Mead, Rev. Silas. Prominent Adelaide Baptist clergyman. Wrote for the Adelaide newspapers. In the late 1860s was possibly the first to refer to Adelaide as 'the city of churches' in his reported sermons. In 1868 joint editor of Truth and Progress with John Price.

Meggy, Percy R. (died 1935). Trained as a journalist at his family's newspaper, the Essex County Chronicle (England). Then worked for the Chicago Daily News, later in Vienna, and then for the London Echo. Worked in New Zealand and Tasmania. In 1886 came to NSW and edited the Bathurst Times. Also worked at various times for the Hobart Mercury, and the Moree Examiner. Musical critic at the Register in the 1880s, then to the Advertiser. Moved to Sydney. In 1897 working in Western Australia as a Hansard reporter, and in 1905 for the Melbourne press. Correspondent for the Times of India and the New York Land and Freedom. Secretary of the Single Tax Movement Australian Branch in 1890. (Kalgoorlie Miner, 14 July 1897, p. 3; Moree Gwydir Examiner, 18 July 1935, p. 2.)

Meikle, Ian. Journalist. Cadetship at the Advertiser 1969, later became features sub-editor, features editor and editor of the Advertiser. Went to the Australian, then became editor of the Canberra Times. Owner/editor of City News, Canberra in 2005.

Melbourne, Rev Alan H. Editor of the Australian Christian Commonwealth in 1924.

Mellor, Arthur Neill (1873-1952). Staff of the Register 1880s, possibly office staff.

Melvin, Dan. W. (died 1916). Storekeeper, journalist, auctioneer. Journalist at the Register from the 1860s to 1876. First sub-editor of the Evening Journal. (Bunyip, 4 August 1916, p. 3.)

Menge, Johann. Mineralogist. Editor of the first German language newspaper in Australia, Die Deutsche Post, 1848.

Menzies, RG. Journalist at the Register in 1892. Later in Victoria.

Meyrick, Charles (1870-1937). Brother of Morgan Meyrick. Became owner of the Port Pirie Standard in 1895, which he amalgamated with the Port Pirie Advocate. Went on to run the Port Pirie Recorder in partnership with Alfred South from 1898 to 1919. (Critic, 1 April 1899, p. 25, 27)

Meyrick, Morgan (1866-1922). Brother of Charles Meyrick. Journalist at the Advertiser from 1882, with seven years as a sub-editor. Left to run the Perth Daily News in 1898. (Critic, 26 March 1898, p. 11)

Miers, THS. Printer of the Chronicle from 1948.

Miles, John. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1950s. Father of Patrick Miles.

Miles, Patrick. Sports journalist with the Advertiser and the Australian. Son of John Miles.

Miller, Taffy. Sub-editor at the Advertiser.

Milne, Bob. Sub-editor at the Advertiser.

Milne, Chris. General reporter at the Advertiser, Sunday chief-of-staff, aviation writer, travel writer, business editor. Then South Australian correspondent for the Financial Review.

Milne, Rev. Founded Australiana in 1845, which was taken over by Marcus Collison and re-named South Australian Witness.

Milne, RG. Journalist at the Advertiser in 1938.

Milnes, Colin. Owner/editor of the Victor Harbor Times. Joined the staff in the 1930s. Retired in 1979. Son of Peter Milnes. Father of Ian, Michael and Paul Milnes.

Milnes, Herbert (Peter). Printer at the Southern Argus, Strathalbyn, transferred to their subsidiary Victor Harbor Times in 1917, which he purchased in 1922. Retired 1978. Father of Colin Milnes.

Milnes, Ian. Editor of the Victor Harbor Times prior to its sale to Country Publishers Pty Ltd in 1986.

Mitchell, Norm (1920-1980). Cartoonist at Smiths Weekly, Sydney, in the 1930s, and at the News (Adelaide) from 1950 until the early 1960s.

Mitchell, Paul. Editor of the Loxton News from 2002 to 2006. Editor of the Murray Pioneer and the Pinnaroo Border Times in 2012.

Mitchell, RA. Editor of the North East Leader from its founding as a Messenger Press title in 1965.

Mitchell, Richard. General reporter and sub-editor at the Advertiser.

Mitford, Eustace Reveley (died 1869). After a varied life in the navy and army, Mitford arrived in Adelaide in 1839 and took up farming and then mineral exploration. In 1867 he established Pasquin, a popular political/ satirical journal.

Moffatt, James Baird. Listed as insolvent journalist 1882.

Moffat, William. Printer at Gawler Times. Insolvent 1874.

Molineux, Albert (1832-1909). Agricultural expert. and printer. With Samuel Richards instigated the highly successful Garden and Field newspaper in 1875, which became distributed internationally. Molineux was the editor. He sold the newspaper in 1891 and then became agricultural editor at the Observer. (PRG 881)

Moncrieff, Rev. Samuel Stephenson (died 1929). Anglican minister. Editor of the People's Weekly (Moonta) from 1890 to October 1891. Moved to Brisbane about 1911. (Brisbane Courier, 15 November 1929, p. 20.)

Monger, Tom. Editor of the West Coast Sentinel from 1912 to 1917. Purchased the Mount Barker Courier from the Dumas family in 1938, which he ran until 1946.

Monk, Scott (1974-). Journalist and author. Cadetship at the Advertiser from 1996, becoming council, police, rural and education writer, then editor of the Newspapers in Education section. SA Young Journalist of the Year, 1999. Author of five novels for young people. Returned to Sydney in 2003 to work for the Australian.

Monks, R. Journalist at the News in 1938. His brother Noel Monks was a journalist in London.

Moodie, Duncan Campbell Francis (c.1841-1891). Moodie was founder and editor of the satirical journal, the Portonian and also had articles published in the Observer. Wrote for Pictorial Australian as 'DFM' (1886). Also used the pen name 'Ulysses'. Previously lived in South Africa and wrote for the South African press over a long period. Various escapades included caning AT Clark of the Melbourne Advertiser in 1880 for publishing defamatory comments about Queen Victoria. Moodie published at least two collections of poetry, with his words being set to music as the 'Exhibition Cantata' for the opening of the 1881 Adelaide Exhibition. Died at sea off Teneriffe during a return trip to Africa. (Advertiser, 19 June 1891, p. 7; Pictorial Australian, July 1891, pp. 103-105)

Moody, Clarence Percival (1867-1937). Journalist. Eldest son of printer Sydney Moody, began work at the Register in 1881. Rose from junior reporter to sub-editorial staff. Wrote as 'Point' in the Register from 1889, and Hansard reporter from 1891. Left to found the Sunday Mail in 1912. Then freelance work before moving to Sydney in 1917 and joining the Sun. Managing editor of the off-shoot Newcastle Sun. (News, 3 May 1929, p. 8.)

Moody, Hadrian (1879-1925). Journalist. Joined the Register in 1893. Sporting editor from 1904 until his death. ('Farewell to Tarquin, Register, 30 May 1904, p. 4) Son of printer Sydney Moody and brother of Clarence Moody. (Mail, 6 June 1925, p. 3.)

Moody, Sydney Herbert Christopher (1866-1923). Journalist. Began work at the Register, then appointed to the Sydney Evening News in 1887. The joined the Newcastle Herald, and in 1889 the Australian star (Sydney). Later worked for the Melbourne Argus until 1920, when he became private and political secretary to Stanley Bruce - later Prime Minister. Moody met Robert Louis Stevenson in Sydney in 1890. (PRG 147)

Moody, Sydney Lidbury (1844-1896). Arrived in South Australia 1848. Printer at the Register, particularly associated with the earliest use of photographs in the newspaper. Sons Clarence and Hadrian were also associated with newspapers.

Morello, Frank. Editor of the Border Watch 2006. Husband of Sandra Morello.

Morello, Sandra. Journalist at the Border Watch 2010. Wife of Frank Morello.

Morice, Lucy. For a short time the editor of the women's column in the Weekly Herald. Niece of Catherine Helen Spence.

Morphett, Sir John. A South Australian contributor to the Sydney Colonist in 1838 was named as 'Mr Morphett' and is likely to have been Sir John Morphett. (South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register, 28 April 1838, p. 3.)

Morris, Charles Stacker. Journalist at the Advertiser, and from 1876 at the Port Adelaide Post.

Morris, J.D. Barossa and Light Herald.

Morris, Mowbray (d. 1911). Employed on the governor's staff, a large contributor to the Register's 'Geoffrey Crabthorne' column in the 1870s. Author of a much quoted poem, 'A Voice from the Bush' which was published anonymously in the column in 1871. Later a London magazine editor. (Sowden ms PRG 41, pp. 163-5)

Morris, William John. Appears to have been employed at the Advertiser in 1870.

Morse, Rebecca. Journalist with Messenger Press 2015.

Mott, Mitch. Journalist at the Mount Gambier Border Watch in 2015.

Mowbray, Reuben Cranstoun (died 1955). Managing editor of the South Eastern Times from 1906, and owner from 1907. Ran the newspaper for 50 years.

Moylan, Julie. Journalist at the Advertiser in the 1960s.

Muecke, Carl Wilhelm Ludwig (1815-1898). Theologian, agriculturalist and journalist. Joint founder of the successful Adelaide-based German language newspaper, the Suedaustralische Zeitung, with Otto Schomburgk, and Gustav Droege (editor) in 1850. This title later combined with Carl Kornhardt's second German newspaper, the Deutsche Zeitung fur Suedaustralien. When Muecke's son-in-law, Friedrich Basedow and his partner Charles Barton re-named their Tanunda newspaper (previously titled Tanunda Deutsche Zeitung) the Australische Deutsche Zeitung in 1870, two editions were published. Basedow edited the Tanunda edition, while Muecke became editor of a smaller Melbourne edition. Muecke returned to Tanunda in April 1872 when the Melbourne newspaper ceased. When the newspaper combined with the Suedaustralische Zeitung in 1875, it became the Adelaide-based Australische Zeitung, and Muecke became editor of the colonial (Australian) news in this newspaper. He also wrote many articles about agricultural matters for the Register. (Observer, 8 January 1898, p. 16.)

Mullamphy, D'Arcy (died 1929). Journalist at the News.

Muller, Gerald. Journalist at the Advertiser and later a Congregational Church minister.

Murn, Cecil Pennant (died 1966). Journalist, editor, newspaper owner. Began working on the Plain Dealer in 1905, became sporting writer at the Port Pirie Recorder in 1921, became editor in 1941 and also owner of the Recorder.

Murphy, Charles Andrew (1850-1907). Journalist. Born in the USA. In 1873, in conjunction with George Stevenson (Attorney-General) and JD Woods, founded the Lantern. In 1874 joined the staff of the Advertiser and the Chronicle until re-joining the Lantern in 1883. He purchased Adelaide Punch in December 1884 and incorporated it into the Lantern. (Kapunda Herald, 12 October 1883, p. 3; Advertiser, 14 June 1907, p. 6.)

Murphy, FT. Employed at the Southern Cross in the late 19th century.

Murphy, Thomas B. Printer. Retired from the Register in 1903 after approximately 20 years service.

Murray, Andrew. Printer and editor. Purchased the Southern Australian in 1844 and altered the title to the South Australian. Publisher of the Adelaide Morning Chronicle in 1852 which closed during the economic downturn brought by the Victorian gold rush that year.



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